Warrior of Light

Ce se întâmpla daca nu alegi sa fi original? 

Dupa o zi lunga si obositoare la facultate, ajung acasă si decid sa intru pe YouTube pentru o perioada scurta de relaxare. Întâmplator gasesc in News Feed coperta la o melodie care mi-a părut interesantă si mi-a captivat usor atenția. Apăs “play” si incep sa zâmbesc inca din primele secunde.

Piesa respectiva o voi afișa mai jos dupa ce voi explica putin de ce mai exact mi-a venit sa zâmbesc ascultând-o. Continue reading “Ce se întâmpla daca nu alegi sa fi original? “


Mergem sau ne plimbam cu Dumnezeu? 

Căsătoria e cel mai potrivit exemplu la care m-as putea gândi atunci cand meditez la titlul articolului. Din momentul in care cei doi (soțul si soția) devin ,,una” printr-un act simbolic sub autoritatea unui prezbiter, in urma căruia cei doi iau un jurământ verbal si isi declara fidelitatea, respectul si nu in ultimul rând dragostea pentru tot restul vieții, aceștia pășesc in viata drept una. Similar cu actul căsătoriei este si actul botezului. Promisiunea ca începând cu acea zi, sa-L urmezi pe Isus tot restul vietii tale.  Continue reading “Mergem sau ne plimbam cu Dumnezeu? “

Prietenie sau falsitate?! 

Ca sa cunoști distincția dintre un tort de ciocolata si unul de fructe, mai întâi trebuie sa le gusti pe amândouă, in cele din urma, depinzând de gusturi si preferințele tale vei alege tortul care se ridica la nivelul gusturilor tale. De același lucru te vei lovi intr-o prietenie. Ca sa cunoști diferența dintre prietenie si falsitate, mai întâi trebuie sa le experimentezi pe amândouă, in mai multe feluri, prin mai mulți oameni si mii de forme diferite. Continue reading “Prietenie sau falsitate?! “

Friendship or falsity?! 

To know the distinction between a chocolate cake and a fruit cake, first, you need to obviously taste them both and make a comparison based on what you tasted. Same goes in friendships. To know the difference between friendship and falsity, you first need to experience both, in many ways, in hundreds of forms and in different people.  Continue reading “Friendship or falsity?! “

Life lessons from 100-year-olds 


I discovered this highly interesting video on YouTube today in which three particular people have been interviewed, each being over 100-years-old.

Absorbed by what they were sharing, I patiently watched the video until the end. The second time taking notes. Continue reading “Life lessons from 100-year-olds “

Few things about something I am not 

We hear people title themselves as “Profesor, Doctor *inster name here*” or “Doctor *insert name here* with a doctorate in theology”. Even dentists call themselves doctors these days. Why? Because titles matter in people’s eyes. You’re already few steps higher if your degree or title is differently rated from everyone else’s.

Other definitions people tend to adopt at times are Continue reading “Few things about something I am not “

How people perceive fear


Fear – an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.

Fear in human beings is a response to a specific stimulus occurring in the present, or expectation of a future threat as a risk to body or life.

Fear actually – fobias, fear of animals, the dark, guns and loud noises all result into one single major fear – Continue reading “How people perceive fear”

Tips to surviving your first college finals


The last three to four weeks have been some pretty rough non-stop studying days, late nights, stressed mornings, exhausting moments and hundreds of pages just staring at you from your desk waiting to be read. Finals, to those of you who already been through high school and college won’t even need an introduction or definition. One thing is certain though, at the end of our finals we will feel free but more exhausted than those who are running marathons.

Compared to high school finals, college is Continue reading “Tips to surviving your first college finals”

Quick & easy ways to learn Chinese

If you’re looking to learn a second, third, or fifth language and Chinese is your pick. I’ll try and offer you a few tips that are helping me learn it at the moment.

My mother tongue is Romanian, I was born and live in Romania. My second language is obviously English, and my third was suppose to be French. I studied French for eight years (not by choice) and barely learned a thing because I don’t enjoy it.

In college I went on a different direction and chose Chinese for two reasons Continue reading “Quick & easy ways to learn Chinese”

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