Everyday we have to make choices, that’s logic. But what choices do we make?


Today, personally, I had to make a lot of choices, some of them quite important. The key to make the right choices was to ask myself: What would Jesus do? If you can’t figure it out on your own, ask someone close to you. Some choices are small and don’t affect our life’s too much, but still they can lead you into doing something wrong, and that’s a sin. What I would probably do is start everyday with prayer and say: God, help me to make right choices today and let your will be done in my life. And when I’m put in front of a choice I ask myself one question: What would Jesus do?

For example you’re having a really important test today, you didn’t study and you can’t afford to get a bad grade. What do you do? Of course, on the moment the idea is: copy! You start thinking at all the consequences of that bad grade and think: this can’t happen! But think of the consequences that follow you after. To copy means stealing. And stealing is definitely a sin. Ask yourself: What would Jesus do? Of course that will mean failing the test, but it will definitely get you to study afterwords. So, it’s an advantage for you.
This little example does not measure the importance of choices we have to make everyday. But it’s a great example of a choice between right or wrong. If you did study and panic because you don’t remember what you’ve learned, pray in your mind and seek God for help. Never choose the wrong way, because you’ll get used to the sin and it won’t be so hard to do it the second time, before you know it you’re captured and fighting to escape.
Of course there are major and minor decisions, but I’m going to talk about minor decisions, the daily ones like “how to spend my free time”. Personally, this is one of my most important daily decisions. I have a lot of spare time, and how I use it is valuable.

Useful ways to occupy your free time:
– Read the Bible (its very useful and important for you in a personal way)
– Sing (if you like to)
– Pray (the most important thing you can do, make time everyday to stay in prayer)
– Read a book (a christian book, maybe a novel or a book based on teachings)
– Listen to music (but make sure what you listen to builds  you up in a spiritual way too)
– Take a walk (exercise is good for your health)
– Invite a friend over

I’ve written a few ways in which you can spend your time usefully, but maybe you have a hobby or other ways to occupy your time, there are many others…just make sure you don’t let life pass you by knowing you didn’t do anything useful. The entire purpose why were here is to serve God and make other peoples life’s count 😉 Also, a genius quote says: “Don’t count the days, make the days count!” So make them count! 🙂
My choice for today was to open this blog, and I did. I hope that it will be useful for my readers! And I would like to thank my friends for encouraging me to start this blog! Thank you all!