“We are capable of seeing what is beautiful because we carry beauty within ourselves.”


We were, after all, created by the most amazing and beautiful Creator, God. So, why can’t we see the daily miracles?
Because were too used to them. Some think that a miracle is rare, is something out of the ordinary or impossible to accomplish. Well, for God nothing is impossible! We’re too busy following our daily activities we forget to stop and thank for the small miracles. What are the small miracles? Well, you got up healthy, your heart is still beating. A “small miracle” for me was to wake up one day, look on the window and see it snowing for the first time this year. You think it’s something natural, something normal? It’s not! It’s a miracle from God! Can you make it snow? I don’t think so.

One of my favorite miracles is love, and those special moments in life. I’m not talking about big moments like: a wedding day, graduation, or others. I’m talking about the small moments, the ones that truly matter. Someone once said “If the small things don’t matter, the big things don’t matter either.” and he was right. Find joy in the little things and you’ll truly find happiness. The moments I’m talking about are being with loved ones, the precious moment when you receive a hug…those are the moments that really matter and stay printed in my heart forever. These are the small miracles! To love and be loved, to feel that warmth in your heart every time you hear a kind word. Something that will never be understood by the mind, only felt by the heart.

These small miracles are also called “blessings” and they’re given to us everyday, we just have to notice them, they’re all around us.
We also have the opportunity to make a small miracle in someone else’s life, so take a chance and be a blessing to others. Be kind, friendly, give a gift (a small, but important way to show that you care), smile (you never know how much a smile can mean to someone!).
God blesses us with small miracles everyday, but I think its our job to also be a blessing to others (motto: “Blessed by God to bless others.”) Its not hard to observe these miracles, but it takes a little effort from us to make them count. Make a nice gesture for somebody today, and I guarantee their happiness will also fill your heart. 😉