Since new year’s eve is almost here, I decided to write about my personal resolution for 2014.
Usually I make a list with determinations I have for the new year, this time I want it to be different. I’m not going to write my determinations on paper, I’ll write them in my brain. What we all do is write them on paper and leave them there, at the end of the year we expect our resolution to be successfully applied (done), but we didn’t do nothing about it. The key is to apply our actions, not just plan them. I’m sure you all heard the saying “If you want something to be done you gotta do it yourself.” Well, that’s the key. Don’t just pray for a change in this world, BE that change!

What motivations should we have for the new year?
1. Be a better christian/friend
When I say “christian” I don’t mean: pray more, go to church often, etc. Although, these are included. I’m talking about our relationships with others. Be a true christian, live the way Jesus lived, always be ready to help others, to encourage. In other words be an example always, even when others don’t see you.
2. Be thankful
I admit that for me, even though I have everything I need, it’s difficult to be thankful sometimes. But if we learn to appreciate all the things we have, and count the blessings, we won’t feel ungrateful. The secret here is not to compare yourself to others. We always forget that we can’t take anything with us in heaven and that everything stays here. The real treasure is to be close to God, and that’s for FREE. It’s all up to us.
3. Trust in The Lord with all your heart
Read: Luke 5:1-11
Always believe and have hope, all things work for the good of those who love God. Jesus said to Simon that he will become a fisher of men. That’s what we should be. We’re afraid or ashamed to tell someone about Jesus, but that’s what He calls us to do. For this year I want to motivate myself to tell other people about Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, what He did for me. That’s why I started this blog in the first place, to help others through what I write.
I want to be able to praise Him even in my troubles. Find out what’s God’s purpose with my life and live by His principles.

A new year means a chance to start all over again, but this time do it right! It’s a new start, so choose your direction wisely. I choose JESUS! How about you?
Also, I would like to add…Something amazing happened to me, this year I received the greatest blessing ever: my BFF 🙂 I always wished for a best friend, but never found the right one until now. I guess all I had to do was stop looking, and when I did, God gave me her. He answered my prayers in a way I never expected, I’m forever thankful !
I wish you all to have a blessed year!