I believe that music can change any kind of feeling, can turn sadness into happiness and make your heart smile!
“Music is therapy for the soul”

Never understood completely how does is connect to the soul, I just feel it overwhelming me, sometimes even motivating me to keep moving forward because things will get better. It works better if you love to sing or listen to music, but never hurts to give it a try. Speaking from my own experiences music never failed. Of course, listening to sad music when you’re upset doesn’t really help, just helps you express how you feel, instead try to listen to some rhythmic songs, and I guarantee they’ll change sadness into happiness. Works even better if you sing along too, so give it a try!

Music can be your escape, because when music is “on” the world is “off”. Nothing else really matters. So lay down, relax and listen to a nice song you like. Wait and see, the feeling you’ll get.
Recommended radios by me, would be: K-LOVE radio, a nice christian radio that you can listen to online. Also you can hear encouraging experiences from people’s lives. “Positive, encouraging K-LOVE” 🙂 nothing better than that!
The first thing I do when I’m sad is listen to music, always chose it for my comfort and it usually works the fastest, in a few minutes I find myself smiling 🙂 This is my advice to you…hope it helps!