Today, looking at some pictures on my phone I found a picture representing phases of the Moon, from full Moon to third quarter Moon. And thought to myself, these are the wonders of the World! The Moon, the stars and the Sun, all created by God. To be honest I was never truly impressed by buildings and man creations. The Seven Wonders of the World never seemed to interest me. We people are limited, God is limitless! We often say “it’s impossible!” because our brain is limited. For example I could never imagine how “forever” looks like, because I can’t imagine a life with no end, but God promises that. So you see, we can’t really brag about our inventions and creations, when all that we have in us is already from Him.
Personally, I think theres nothing wrong in being creative. I myself am pretty good with my hands and am very imaginative and creative. But we shouldn’t take all the credit for ourselfs. Don’t pride with your own talents, because it draws people away from you and you end up thinking why that happened.
It’s ok to encourage someone that doesn’t have a good impression about them-self, but if you do that to a person who already knows he’s good…it won’t do any good.
In the end I would like to say that life is worth living, you don’t need to travel around the world to see it’s beauty, look up and you will see it’s wonder!