I’ve enjoyed playing video games from a young age, couldn’t wait to pass the level or finish the game to feel like I accomplished something, but it never felt like that. It just kept me busy from doing something useful.
Recently, I got a new phone, without realizing I got so hang up playing all kinds of games that became addictive. And why do I play? Because of boredom? I have a lot of spare time. Because it’s fun? Or because I’m just looking for satisfaction in beating my high scores?

For example, I played a game and when I’ve reached a higher level they gave me a bonus to play for 30 minutes with infinite life’s, and it got me playing it for full 30 minutes. See the trick here? The people who created the game knew that it will get the players to stay on it for a longer period of time, and keep them from doing anything else. And they fall into their trap.
I’m not saying that you should stop playing games, I’m not even judging because pretty often I find myself in the same situation. I just want to help you see some things that you probably didn’t realize about games. They affect or life’s and pretty often in a negative way. For example playing video games that include violence we’ll make you more aggressive. And that’s something I’ve experienced when I was younger.

The addiction they create can hardly be stopped, but if you want to stop and decide to do it, I encourage you to. It won’t be easy and don’t expect success from the first day. But you can start by playing a little bit less every day. I made that decision myself. I’ll be with you along the journey to help.

For me, personally, this became an issue because I have a lot, and I really mean a lot of free time. I don’t write this blog because I have spare time, I do it in order to help others, my generation (the teenagers). We are today’s generation, it’s up to us in how the future will look like and how we choose to live our lives. I don’t want to waste one more minute of it. How about you?