I’m sure you heard the expression before: “Trust needs to be earned”. Well, it’s got a lot of truth in it.

The word trust didn’t have much importance to me until one day a person showed me how disappointing life can be. That person was a friend from school, who simply understood me wrong in something that I’ve said over the phone. And for that, that person made me feel terrible, she ignored me on the street and judged me for something that wasn’t even true.
Of course I forgave that person, but I could never trust her again so easily. People say it takes months, even years to build trust and it could be broken in just a few seconds. I’ve experienced and learned from this lesson. I hope you didn’t go through something like this. That’s why I want to help you avoid it.

If you want to get close to someone you just met or simply become friends, take some time to get to know that person. Don’t hurry up this process, because you might get disappointed afterwards.
A sign that lets you know if people can trust you: if they can open up to you or tell you secrets that they never told anyone, but also be careful, they might not all be true. In case you see these signs, then it would be ok for you to open up to them as well, showing confidence.
I’ve learned from my own mistakes, and now I don’t trust people so easily as I once did. I’m sharing these thoughts with you so that you won’t have to go through the same problems that I had. Nobody should.

I want to trust God with all my heart, and follow Him every day of my life. He is The One who should have our complete trust. He is trustworthy!

In the end, I would like to leave you with this quote that perfectly describes this article:

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood copy