Everybody these days wants to be perfect: smart, beautiful, succesfull, popular, etc. But what is the point in all that? You live the life you always dream of, “the perfect life”, but at the end of the day you realise that doesn’t bring true happiness. The key here is to keep your focus on God, not on  yourself. If you focus on yourself, your problems, your defects, you will certainly go down. But if you look up, and keep your focus on God, live your life for Him, you will realise your life is worth living!

A quote says:


You can’t be perfect no matter how much you try. So why waste your time and energy in trying to be?
Be real! Be yourself! And once you accept yourself just the way you are, you’ll realise how perfect you were created. Always look up, pray and seek God. He can help you in any situation, all you have to do is believe in Him, not get worried or stressed in your struggles. Make your life count, and live like an example for others!

People are always going to judge and criticize you. No matter how much you try, you cannot please everybody. Always keep in mind that some people are jealous on you and your abilities. You might not succeed in everything, but you will definitely be an expert at something.
From my own experiences I’ve seen how quickly a discouraging word can get you down. And it would take some time to get back up. But don’t pay any attention to what people say, not they’re opinion matters, yours does!

The secret in living carefree is to not look around.
Many people think that if they’re loved and accepted by everybody they’ll truly be happy, but it’s all about how you see yourself.
When you’re going through a struggle people tend to not be around, but that’s where God comes in. Truth is, He is always around. He IS, and will always be your Friend no matter what. Especially when you feel all alone.
Life can be seen as a running race, with obstacles along the way, but our job is to pass the obstacles and never give up the run.