For those of you who follow my blog or simply wonder why did I chose the name “Warrior of Light” this article explains why.

About an year ago I received a book from a friend called “Manual of the Warrior of Light” by Paulo Coelho. Holding the book in my hand for the first time I didn’t realise how important it will become in my life. Reading it was a pleasure, and it didn’t take long to finish it. And as I was reading the pages I instantly knew that is was written for me.  It contained the exact teachings I needed to learn in that time and helped me overcome the struggles I was going through. I highly recommend it.

The book talks about a daily warrior life and his challenges, mostly it contains situations in a battle field but with a metaphorically understatement of life. Everyday problems and choices we all have to make. This book teaches you how to make the right choices in certain situations, and not focus on what people think or say about you.

I guess I can say that this book inspired me to create this blog, even though I did it an year later, everything that I’ve read in those pages is still fresh in my mind and I could read it all over again. My articles are similar with the books content even though I don’t use it as a source of inspiration.

You probably wonder why wasn’t this article included in one of my very first ones. Well, because not the name of the blog matters, the content does. Most people tend to judge a book by its cover without even bothering to read a few pages. Same goes here. My blog is not defined by it’s name, but by it’s content.

In conclusion I chose this name because I want to be a warrior of light in my life. Fight for God’s kingdom and fight to help others get there also. This name suit me best and I love the book.

And no, this is NOT the books cover, but I thought it goes better with this article and my goal in life.