I’m writting this article for every person out there who ever felt like they don’t fit in, maybe like a “weirdo” or simply felt different from the rest of the world.

Let me tell you something, it’s ok to be different! You were not made to be just another brick in the wall. You are unique and original. And no one could ever replace you! You are just as important as any other person in this world, even more. Why? Because you are you! (“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.- Dr. Seuss) And you are perfect just the way you are.

And I’ll tell you a secret, everybody feels like that sometimes. Don’t be ashamed of the fact that you are different, be proud. How would this world look like if we were all exactly the same? Pretty weird, right? So why not be proud to be different and original?

When I younger I had this saying “When I grow up, I wanna be just like her/him.” But I grew up as being me. I’m unique. We don’t become what we want to, we become “us”. We can’t choose how to look like and where to be born, but we have the choice to move some place else.

Can you see my point here?
It doesn’t matter how others look at you. It matters how you look at yourself. And that’s something I wrote about often in my other articles. Why? Because I want to highlight the importance of it. It’s something we all fight with. And I want to help you avoid this problem and enjoy life fully. You deserve to.

In middle school, my colleagues made me feel like I was different, in the worst possible way. Because I was a christian they treated me in an unpleasant way. Made me feel bad because of it. And I had to endure them for 8 years. Yup, it wasn’t easy. It was actually very hard. I became very depressed, and cried every time a vacation ended, because I had to go back to school and be tortured again.

I admit, those were the hardest years of my life. The worst part is, they actually made me believe that they were right. That I’m weird and different. And that made me become lonely and depressed.

This story has a happy ending too. When I got to high school it all changed. Everything turned around. And life was worth living again. My colleagues are my friends, and I’m happy to call them “colleagues/friends”. I fit in, and depression is way behind me. But the memories I have from middle school I’ll never be able to forget. How could I?

I don’t want you to go through the exact same problems I had. That’s why I’m writing this article and giving you advice. I care.