In the “rainy days” of our life, the hard days, the times we don’t even feel like smiling and everything seems pointless, we have the sweet, precious memories of the glory days that remind us to smile.

Even though today is a very cloudy day in Sibiu, and the rainy weather tends to make me sleepy and dramatic, I have a big smile on my face and enthusiasm to live life fully. Why? Because I repeat the beautiful memories that I have in my mind. And because I know that after the rain and the clouds comes the Sun.

Not all the days are special, sunny or the way we hoped them to be, but we can make them beautiful with blissful memories we gather along our lifetime. For example, for me the good days are the ones I had fun with my family and the ones I felt loved and appreciated. And because of those blissful memories, life is worth living even in the rainy days!

A quote I admire says:

“Life brings tears, smiles & memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever.”

I always liked to picture my life as a movie. And in rainy days like this one, replay that movie into my mind and remember how amazing life can be. I recognize, I don’t only remember the positive things, but I try to look only at the good ones and take what’s best from life.

So if you want to live life fully and smile in rainy days, replay your life’s movie into your mind. And before you know it, a smile will appear on your face. Always keep in mind that you are loved, special and perfect just the way you are.

Wish you all to have a blessed day!