My age is not just a number for me, it’s my life! I’m sixteen years old and proud to be.

To be honest, I wish I could stay sixteen forever, I absolutely love this age. Of course it has it’s ups and downs here and there, but what age doesn’t? But I also wanna turn eighteen so I can finally get my drivers license. So probably eighteen would be my choice for a “never ending” age.

I believe every age has it’s own beauty. But life is not the same, actually very different for each and every one of us. When I was eight years old I didn’t knew the meaning of the word “problems”, guess I could say I lived care free, every child does, but I wasn’t thankful, I couldn’t wait to “grow up”, get taller and be taken more seriously.

As you grow up you realise it’s not so fun and amazing as you picture when you were a child. You have to become more responsible, problems appear, and you feel like your parents don’t understand you at all. And of course I must mention the “conflicts with parents”, think it’s our number one problem as teenagers.

We don’t only go through physical changes, your entire life changes. As a child you see life as a playground, as a teenager you see life as a party, and as a grown up you see life as a battleground.

Growing up means maturing, and even though a lot of people say I’m mature for my age I feel like I get a little bit wiser everyday. A quote I found pretty recently says: “Don’t GO through life, GROW through life.” And that’s what I wanna do. You can never know too much, but you can learn something new every day.

We often emphasize age as a number, a calculation of the days, months, and years we’ve been awake and living. Yet, as the saying goes, our age is also a mental state, a series of milestones that remind us of where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

Sometimes I find myself day dreaming of how the next few months in my life will look like and forget to enjoy the moment, just simply enjoy today. When we’re young we just wanna “be big”, and by the time people reach they’re twenys they just want they’re age to stop or at least slow down. People are always ungrateful with the age they have, and when they’re old and grey, regret that they didn’t live they’re life’s differently.

My advice would be: enjoy the age you have! No matter what the number is. That does not matter.

‘Cause as we grow older life just becomes more difficult. And if you’re a teenager, than enjoy and appreciate the age you have, this is the most amazing experience in your life, don’t let it walk by you.

(This article was inspired by this week’s DPchallenge)