368I got inspired to write this article after cleaning my home one saturday and thought it wouldn’t be bad to write about something practical.

Realised that cleaning is not fun at all, and we would rather do something else in that time, something we enjoy doing. But if you love music, then you’ll end up not minding cleaning at all. And you’ll see what I mean.

Cleaning all by itself is terrible. We do it because we have to, and some days it seems harder than ever. To be honest with ourselves, we’re really lazy sometimes. But what if we mix it up with something we love to do? Like for example, I love to listen to music, and listening to music while cleaning my room helps!

With what? Well, helps me do it faster and even gives me more energy. Because I don’t focus on what I do, I focus on the songs.

And also, you can reward yourself when you’re done with a chocolate, or a nice movie you’ll enjoy. It always helps when doing something and knowing that at the end you’ll be rewarded.

Maybe you already knew this method, good for you! But if you didn’t, give it a try. I guarantee it will be different. Why not make something we don’t enjoy doing in something enjoyable? This life shouldn’t be miserable, it should be fun.

Of course, there could be a lot more other methods in making cleaning fun. And if you don’t like my example with listening to music you can think of something else you like to do and mix them up.


Hope I helped you with this article. Have fun cleaning! 😉