In this wonderful time of rebirth. When everything comes back to life. The Sun is shining once again, brining that pleasant warmth not only in the air, but also  in our hearts. Take a moment to reflect upon this amazing miracle we call “Spring“.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not a big winter fan. Actually, I can’t even stand the cold. Of course, every season has it’s own beauty, I do not deny that. But Spring is my favourite! So this beautiful season we just entered in is a huge blessing for me. And not just because I was born in May, but because nature comes back to life.

Isn’t it wonderful? After a long time of cold, depressing rainy days and dramatic images of nature, HOPE appears once again! It’s just like a rainbow after the rain, a drop of color and life, a ray of hope.

It’s amazing and beyond description. That feeling you get when the Sun hits your face for the first time. Days become longer than nights. And everything around you catches a glimpse of happiness. Just like a dream.

A dream that I, personally don’t want to wake up from. I’ve been waiting for this all winter and now it’s finally here!

There was a time in my life when I wondered: “Why do seasons change?”; “Why can’t it be only one season forever?” But then I stopped and took a moment to reflect upon this natural phenomenon.

I’m not going to give you that whole theory about “Earth spins around the Sun”. Not saying that it isn’t true, but I want to get your attention on the things people just don’t observe. Just like people, seasons change also. I guess you could say it’s something natural, but wouldn’t you get tired of just one season? Maybe you like Summer more, because of the heat and warm weather, I do also. But if there would be just Summer all the time, we would miss Winter and Christmas.
Seasons change so that we could learn to appreciate them all for what they have special.

 But the most important thing, besides all of this, we forget to include God in every season. He is the one who makes these changes of nature, and they’re all so perfectly made. He knows that just one season isn’t good enough for us, if we would be so used to Winter we wouldn’t remember to enjoy the warmth of Summer, and if we would only know the depression of Autumn, we wouldn’t enjoy the happiness and life that Spring brings! He knows what’s best for us.
So, in conclusion, be grateful for every season, it is a gift from God, all you have to do is to…ENJOY IT!

For me, it’s simply amazing just the fact that God makes nature come to life. Whenever I see trees and flowers bloom I just know that it’s a miracle from God. In its simplicity, this process is just like a drop of sunshine after a dark rainy day.

So my advice to you is…be thankful, happy and hopeful. You just witnessed another miracle in your life.

Have a blessed Spring!