It didn’t take much in my life to realise that without Jesus nothing could ever go right. Sure, I have a few “good days”, or so I think, but after comes the storm. Anger, problems, and yet again I feel that life is not worth living. Then I stop and wonder: “Why?  When everything was just starting to be ok in my life problems knock on my door again.”

Truth is, God wants so much more for our life’s than just “ok”. Why not amazing? “Impossible”, you might say. Well, for God nothing is impossible!

If you let Him in control of your life, let Him be the captain on your ship, He’ll take you to places you couldn’t even dream of. Beyond imagination. If happiness meant a few smiles per day, with Jesus it will mean an overwhelming joy you never experienced before.

We are just like children that long for freedom to play with whatever objects are more dangerous, and refuse to listen to their parents. When they get hurt they cry and don’t understand why was it meant to be this way.

We think we’re capable of making our own decisions, yes we are, but not the right ones most of the time. Then we fall at the ground and wonder what did we do wrong? Our life was fine. What did we do to deserve this? Why are we here? Hoping for better days…

That’s the moment I realised I need God. And that I didn’t let Him in control of my life. My ship starts sinking. And only then I start looking for the lighthouse. My ray of hope that can get me out of my mess.

Let Jesus guide your steps. Let Him be the Lighthouse in your life. And I promise that you won’t regret it.

This life is similar to an ocean, so big that most of the time we lose our way. And Jesus is our Lighthouse that will lead us safe to shore.

What I remind myself is: Stop struggling! You can’t do it on your own. Why not let Him be in control?

If you’re in a time like this in your life, or at least experience similar situations then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Life is not just a board game that we can solve on our own, we need God’s wisdom to lead us on the right paths. Make the right choices. And be able to stand even in rough waters, because He is the peace in our troubled sea.

Pray and say: “I let You in control of my life. I want You to be the captain of my ship. My Lighthouse in the time of troubled sea.”

I recently found the song “My Lighthouse” from Rend Collective that strengthens what I’ve mentioned above and was actually my source of  inspiration for this article.

What I wish for you is to have a blessed and wonderful life, but that can only happen if you let Jesus into your heart and let Him guide you through. I hope that you will make the right decision.

Be blessed!