2007 October Holbav 033

Maybe it’s a question we all ask ourselves or others. I know I did, a lot of times.

I tend to be ungrateful everytime I hear or see that something goes wrong in my country. And my first reaction is to say “I can’t wait to grow a little older. I’m soo gonna live this country!”

But the truth is, if I am not going to support and love it, then who? Then why should others?

If we would all contribute to making our country a better place to live in we’d definitely see a difference in everything around us. We wait for a change that will never happen unless we do something about it. Don’t wait for nothing, work for something!

What can we do? Well, for starters, we can STOP being ungrateful and appreciate the country we were born in. It’s the place we call “home”, and I don’t have to remind you that “There’s no place like home!” right?

Another thing I like to do is remind myself that no where is perfect. In some countries conditions are actually worse, people live on the streets, we should be grateful that we have a roof over our head. That we are free to choose our own religion and live the life we want.

A woman from my country went in Afghanistan to be a psychologist for the people who have been in war. After a few months she returned and said: “I’ll never say that life is hard in my country ever again.”  We are free, others experience much more difficult struggles than us. So why not be thankful?

And the most important thing we can do is be the change we want to see in the world (our country). If it bothers me that people are not taking care of this country then I can choose to be different. To act differently and be a good influence to others, rather than letting them influence me.

Your life is how you chose it to be. We might think that its better some where else, but if we go there somebody will still be richer and happier than us. Life is hard everywhere, but the degree of difficulty differs.

I love my country for many reasons, that’s why I chose to cherish it despite all its imperfections. A few of these reasons are: because my family is here, its my home and I was born here, and also because my BFF is here. My BFF means the world to me. So why would I leave this country? If God wants me to be some where else the so be it, but if not…then I’ll gladly stay here.

It doesn’t matter how people look at your country, it matters how you look it it. If you are not going to stand up for it, then why should others? Look at all its bright sides and take only the good things it has to offer you. Be thankful so that you’ll have the power to live a happy life in it. Stop looking at what others have, and look at what your country has to offer, you have much more advantages than others who don’t know the meaning of “freedom”.

Maybe, you’ve used to think like me, that life in another country would be better, but what I forgot to include in my thoughts is that no matter how good it would be some place else, I’ll always miss home.

I urge you to treasure your country just the way it is, because after all its the place you were meant to be in. God knows why!