While I was walking on my way home last night, looking at the Moon and meditating, a thought went thru my mind and that thought became a quote:

“We all have the same Moon.
We all breathe the same air.
In conclusion, we are united despite the distances.” ~Me

I was amazed to realise this once again. Although I had, many times before, last night it was so much different. It didn’t even matter how big the distance my friends and family were, because I was certain that we are all closer than ever, in heart.

Maybe it has happened to you also, to miss a friend or family member who moved far away, maybe in another country or you just simply miss spending time with them.
Well, when I looked at the Moon I remembered, no matter how big this planet is, when we look up we have the same sky. So how far can they be? Actually, I felt closer to them as ever, more than the moments they were near.

I know it is difficult to be away from our loved ones, no one could understand the pain from missing them.
What we usually call “distance” is the one formed by miles, but distance can also be togetherness followed by no love at all. The distance created by our souls is much more dangerous then the one created by miles. Why? Because once you get used to it, then that can hardly be changed. And without realising we end up pushing people away and wondering what did we do wrong?

There is this saying “If even mountains meet, then why wouldn’t people?” Don’t worry about the distance, your loved one is in your heart! Worry about the enemies, which can hardly be accepted.

We are all united on this earth, we are all on the same groud, and we all have the same sky. We are put here for a reason, and we need each other. Live your life as if everyone is your friend. Create peace, not war.
Be peaceful. Not only does it help you, it also helps others. Be the type of person you want to meet. Be your original self.

And yet again I’d like to mention, no loved one is ever far if you have them in your heart. You will be together again some day. Be patient. And instead of suffering, make some new friends, make peace with the people you can’t stand, fill that hole in your heart with other people you love.
Just to be clear, I’m not saying you should replace them. No.  No one can be replaced. I’m saying you should surround yourself with other people rather than being alone. Maybe you’re not alone, but feel like you are. Nobody should feel abandoned. After all, that’s why this planet has 7 billion people on it, right?

Every time you feel like you are alone, look up. And remember, the Moon you are looking at is also the Moon your loved one sees. Close your eyes and hold them tight in your heart. “Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.” And trust me, no distance can overcome love!

Let yourself overwhelmed by the wonders this world has to offer. Enjoy every moment of life.

“Be happy! Smile! Laugh without no reason. Love is greater than ever! Dance, let music overwhelm you. Let love shine through!” ~Me

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