Just to be clear I have nothing against beauty, I totally appreciate a person who is beautiful on the outside, but to me the person’s character matters much more than her/his looks.

There is a lot of truth hidden in the quote “An ugly personality destroys a pretty face.” What is the point in being gorgeous and having an ugly personality? That simply means pushing people away one by one. Might like the looks but can’t stand the personality.

One of these aspects is pride. I for one can NOT stand pride. It simply leaves no room for cherishing others, just stubbornness for self person. If we would all love only ourselves, then there would be no room left for love, appreciation, encouragement, and even happiness. In my opinion, pride is one of the reasons why beauty is destroyed.

Another one would be superiority. Also can’t stand it. When people with low self esteem get in contact with a person considering itself superior, then what chance do they have to believe their “good enough”? They will never be able to believe otherwise. And that’s how many people fall. We might say “I don’t care! If I’m fine then why should I care about others?” Because you might have been in their place. Let’s not be mean, but understanding.

I don’t want to offend anyone, I just want to highlight some things we all simply pass by without offering any importance to.

Yesterday something unusual happened to me. I was walking and suddenly I noticed someone was “following” me. It was a woman with sun glasses and hood on her head, almost all her face was covered. She was walking in the same rhythm I was, didn’t try to pass me, she was keeping up actually. I stopped to tie my shoe, she stopped also and picked something from a trash can. That was the moment I realised. She has mental problems. What she was actually doing was to hide behind me, not follow me.

I presumed she didn’t like to be observed. Because every time I’d look back she would turn her head. When I finally stopped at a semaphore waiting for the light to turn green, I stared directly at her. She noticed I was annoyed and left me alone.

I know, my gesture was not nice. But I simply can’t stand to be followed. After I realised why she was doing it I felt sorry for her. She was really skinny and probably hungry too. Who knows if she had a warm place to go to. Probably not.

I still am sorry and regret that I was mean. Yes, I didn’t say anything to her, but I was mean in my thinking.

I’d like to think that we are all equal. Even though a lot of people would argue with me at this point. If God created us and loves us all in the same way, why shouldn’t we be equal?

Yes, maybe people are not equal in our eyes. Because some of them we love more, and others we can’t stand. But in God’s eyes we are all the same.

And the third one is what I did yesterday, judgement. We don’t like to be judged or pointed at but do it so easily to others. I for one want to change that in my life. No more judging. It’s a big process, but I’m working at it every day. I want to remove anything that’s negative in my life, be a nice and understanding person. Just like God would want me to be.

So let’s not destroy our personalities and have inner beauty. What do we have to lose?

Yes, I recognise, I promised myself that I will stop judging quite a while ago, but I’m human, I’m not perfect. We make mistakes, we fall, but what we can do about it is to start again more wisely.

So let’s not look at a persons face, style or culture. Let’s look at their heart. Their inner beauty. That’s something more valuable than looks. Believe me.

If you are blessed with gorgeous looks, then it’s ok to feel beautiful, but don’t pride with it! If you are superior to your younger brother/sister it’s ok to be responsible and protective, but don’t make them feel unimportant! And finally, if you have the privilege to be normal, then don’t judge others! You don’t know what their life is all about.

And before you look at someone’s face, look at their heart first. You’ll be surprised of the treasure you will find in them.