For several days I see around me a lot of movement and activity. The hypermarkets are full, and everybody is busy with work around the house…but what for?

I’m trying to pretend that I don’t know what’s going on, but I fail, so I’ll present a small reality.

Women cook all kinds of foods and delicacies. Children wait for a bunny with eggs in a basket.

All of these are the effect of a cause, but I wonder what cause could it be? And the answer to this rhetorical question comes almost instantly. It’s Easter!

Aha. So what’s with this so called Easter? Well… it’s the Resurrection of the Son of God… interesting. So, what we listed above, the women who cook and kids who wait for gifts are caused by this event?

But what bond do all of these have between them? What do they signify and what bond do they have with this holiday?

I’m sure that we all know the significance of this event.

I want to tell you what happened 2000 years ago. After an unfair trial, a Person was given the sentence of death by crucifixion, but not before He was tortured because of the accusation that He named Himself the King of Jews. This happened on a Friday, but the third day, Sunday, this Man had risen from the dead and showed Himself to His disciples. I could write so much more about this Man, but I’m certain you all know Him.


His biography is amazing, an original lifestyle, an alpha leader, a mentor, an example worth following. What a Man! How could He be sentenced to death? The truth is that this world never knew how to cherish something good, and everything that was good was destroyed sooner or later.

This Man is Jesus Christ. I don’t think it was difficult to realize it.

I want to ask you something that will give you a little thought: Do you still believe Jesus has risen? Everything seems so unrealistic these days. When you first read it, it seems like a legend. I wonder why?

Jesus Christ has risen 2000 years ago, but we celebrate His resurrection year after year, for 2000 years, like this would happen every year. We introduce this information in our subconscious since we are children and pass by this holiday with the same thought as if  He had risen again this year.

Years go by, we mature and realize that something is not right. We keep this holiday and search for something to do for this Easter, something nice and memorable. We end up adding things we like to this holiday so we can live with the satisfaction that we did our Christian duty.

And just like that, from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we get to this yearly agitation, and for what? We all want to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and to make it even more beautiful we add a bit of our pleasures and here is the result.

You know what’s the problem? The problem is that Jesus Christ has not risen today. He rose 2000 years ago, once and for all. Remember that!

Now that you know the truth, you can celebrate this holiday much more freely, knowing that you live a historic reality not a legend. And how can you celebrate it? Exactly the way He wants you to, in Spirit and truth!

Yes, I urge you to change this perception. I know you can do it, especially after you know the negative effects it brings upon you. I want you to live this holiday in an authentic way.

Don’t forget its true meaning and purpose…and don’t replace it with a bunny holding a basket with eggs. Think about how much you would dislike to be replaced by another person. Jesus wants us to celebrate and rejoice in Him, not think about a bunny that doesn’t even exist or occupy our time with shopping and work that in the end only get us exhausted.

Let Jesus rise, not only in your mind, but also in your heart. Welcome Him in, and keep Him into your life. Life is better with Jesus.

I truly wish you a wonderful holiday and a blessed Sunday!

Reblogged and translated in english from: ,original romanian version here.