Very little we realise the negative aspects technology brings into our lives. I’m not saying technology is bad, what I’m trying to say is that we abuse it, that it became an obsession, an addiction. Technology is not bad, we make it bad.

For example, ever since smart phones arrived on market you see teenagers on the street texting, listening to music in their headphones, and spend more time on facebook than they do reading. They create their own world in wich they live in. They rather text or chat online with their friends rather than meeting them in person for a walk or sports activity.

How do we expect to meet the love of our lives if we don’t even engage with the people around us?

Maybe we have 1000 friends on facebook, and yet feel lonely. And let me ask: When you have a problem or go through a difficult time, how many people from that big friend list on facebook help you and stand beside you? No one.

See, that’s exactly my point.

You might write on your status “feeling sad” and receive a few likes or comments. That’s not a friends help! A friends help is when they call and say “I’ll come over right away!” or “Let’s go out, I wanna be there for you!”

Most of the time we tweet, instagram or write on facebook what is new in our lifes. I’m not saying it’s not ok. But what happened to meeting a person face to face, enjoying a coffee and sharing experiences with each other while laughing?

Slowly, these habits fade away. And little do we realize how important a hug is, how cool it once was to hang out with friends or go for long hike on the moutains, and simply enjoy the fresh air.

How much time do we spend inside the house? And how much time do we spend outside?  How much time do you spend on your phone, iPad or laptop? And how much time do you spend talking with someone, face to face?

These are questions I want you to ask in your mind and give some thought.

I personally think that it would be ok if we would at least have a balance between them. Less and less people like and enjoy reading a book and more and more people enjoy a movie. Not only it damages our brain but it messes with our lifestyle. And what is worse it’s that we just let it.

Don’t let technology control you and your time, you control the technology!

I’ll give you a golden advice: put down the phone from your hands and do something you like that doesn’t involve technology. And yes, video games are still technology! Ride a bike, go for a walk/run, read a book, meet up with someone, clean you room. Do anything that distracts you and enjoy the nice feeling it will bring.

Yes, I admit. I had the same problem. So I speak from my personal experience. I spent more time with the phone in my hands than doing something else. And now I regret it. And plan to make some major changes in my life. I started to read more, go out for a walk as often as I can, and do more than just losing time.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, I just present a small reality which I’d like to open your eyes too.

Don’t let life pass you by like this. Do something that makes life worth to be lived.

In the end I’d like to leave you with this video that opened my eyes to reality and inspired me to write this article. The video is totally worth to watch.