You’ve probably noticed and felt my lack of writing lately. And I’m not looking for any excuses, I’ll be honest. I have been busy but I have also deferred. Wrote a few drafts I didn’t like or didn’t continue and just left them there. Maybe every blogger had faced this problem. I don’t know. But if you as a blogger did face this problem then you understand me better than anyone.

It’s not that I want to, it’s just difficult to continue regularly. Or is it? I could be wrong and deceiving myself.

Besides blogging I’d like to also give and example from my life I wanted to share with you a long time ago but deferred that also. I love drums. They are and have always been my favorite instruments. My wish was to learn how to play drums or be able to have drums and learn by myself.


Now, to have drums at home would be very difficult because I live in an apartment building, and my neighbors would not be happy to hear me play them. But I have always hoped that maybe I’ll learn to play drums at someone’s house and after practice or use this talent at church or somewhere needed.

I’m 17 and this wish of mine still didn’t happen. People who I talk to about this discourage me. And my hope is fading away. I almost gave up. And said to myself: “Maybe it’s not meant to be. Maybe drums are not for me.” But I stopped to think for a moment: “If drums are not for me, then why would I have the rythm in me? Why would I like them so much? Why when listening to a song they are the instruments I pay more attention to?” And asked myself all the questions starting with “why?’ as possible and realised that my passion for drums is put in me for a reason. All I have to do is wait. Be patient. The right time will come and I will play them. Maybe even have my own drum kit. Who knows?

But I had the tendancy to give up. And if it wasn’t for my BFF to encourage me I probably would have had. But if you truly are passionate about something then don’t give up! All the big, important people who realised something in life and became famous have gone through rough times and felt like giving up, but they didn’t, they kept on looking forward. A quote I admire says: “The expert in everything was once a beginner.” And it is very true, there is a first time for everything.

I was a little disapointed when I stopped and looked back in my life to see that every great thing I started I left unfinished. A few years ago I was borrowed a guitar and wanted to learn, but after a few days I quit and never started again. This time I said NO! I will NOT give up again. I wanted to close the blog because I felt like what I write has no value, wasn’t thankful and didn’t like it much, not to mention how rarely I started to write. But NO! I won’t give up. This blog is one of my greatest achievements in life. I won’t give up that easy.

And same goes for the drums. They are a big passion of mine, a talent, a habit. Without even realising I make rhythm out of anything, most of the time is on my desk with my hands. I was born with that rythm inside of me. And I won’t let the hope inside of me fade away. If it’s meant to be, then it will happen, I just have to wait.

The important lesson I taught myself was to not give up. Especially at the things that matter most, like the people I love, the instruments I wanna play, and writting on my blog. All great things I have accomplished I want to take them ’till the end. And this very lesson I also want to teach you. It’s more of an encouragement.

Don’t give up at anything that has value for you!