After discussing about this subject at school today I was a little shocked, I’d have to admit. Never thought that watching movies often or watching TV could do so much harm to our brains.

I’m not watching TV at all, but love to watch movies and I usually watch at least 3 movies per week, which is a lot, in my opinion.

The consequences of watching TV or movies, or even just spending too much time at a computer are the next:

1. Learning impairments

2. Free Attention Deficit

3. Affects the memory capacity

4. Affects the imagination/will and demotivates from action

5. Sleep disorders

6. Social isolation by running from reality to a virtual life

7. Mental passivity

And sadly I’d have to admit that I found a little bit of myself  in each of these seven consequences listen above. I also wrote an article not long ago entitled “An opinion about technology” in which I named a few thoughts of mine tied to this subject.

With a smile on my face I’ll admit that I made a change in my life and am more outside than inside the house. I use the computer only for blogging, school/essays, or rarely to listen to some music. Other than that it just sits there nicely on my desk.

It is important not to abuse of something and let it become addicting, but only use it for it’s normal purpose. What is it’s normal purpose? Well, as far as I know it is the best way to get information fast, connect with people from great distances (which also should be use only for it’s purpose, not every hour of every day) or watch a documentary movie that improves general knowledge.

I know what you as a reader must think, if I am watching so many movies how dare I say now how computers should be used. Well, I’m not. I just present a small reality which you have the right to know about. Maybe you found yourself in the list above, if you did, don’t you think it’s time to make a change? Go out, have some fun? Nothing good ever comes just by sitting in your room in front of a screen. Adventure awaits! And it’s just outside your door.

Maybe you are a sensitive person like me. Sometimes I go out and meet all kind of mean people that almost ruin my entire day, but try to not pay attention to anything that is not encouraging to you. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I know I will some day.

I have a saying I stolen from a movie: “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.” And it’s true. No good ever comes to those who wait and do nothing, but to those who go and look for it. Who knows, maybe today is your lucky day, don’t waste it, and don’t let it go by.

Our teacher gave us an example today and said “Try to imagine Jesus without a beard” and then he asked “Can you?”. And sadly, we couldn’t. Because we are so used to His imagine from movies, pictures, and don’t use our imagination to see Him through our heart’s eyes. This example reflects perfectly the fact that number 4 is very right (Affects the imagination) , that;s why it is recommended to read a book rather than watch a movie, because while we read, we don’t focus on the letters we read, we imagine the story behind the book.

There would be a short example I could give for every consequence listed above, but I consider it is not necessary since we all have experience with technology.

I’ll let you reflect on what you just read and if you think it’s helpful, write down the seven consequences to remind you to be carefull. I totaly agree that computers are helpfull and have a good use also, but how much we use it should be well organised.

Care about your health more than your entertainment.