Maybe you had moments in your life when you thought  you couldn’t. Almost gave up. But then there comes this thought “I want to do it” followed by “I’ll try to do it”. And in the end “I did it!!”

We have moments when others discourage us or we simply stop believing in ourselves. And so fast we give up without a fight. Motivation is good, but not always offered. So motivate yourself. Say to yourself: I can and I will. No back ups!

I want to ask you a simple question: Which step have you reached today?

You see, in life, nothing good ever comes that easy. Sometimes not even love. But if it’s good, then it’s worth fighting for.

A little motivation followed by positive thinking can get you further than you ever imagined.

For example I never would have thought that I will write a blog or own a public site, ever. I was the type of person that liked to keep things and thoughts to myself. Was afraid to expose my own opinion and most of all afraid to be criticized. But getting that small glimpse of hope, that small little thought saying “I’ll try to do it”..lead by “I can do it”  in the end here I am. Very proud and satisfied with the work I am doing.

That’s how much it matters to motivate yourself. Stop looking at all the “what if-s”, all the bad things you think might happen, but look at the bright side, the positive things. And who knows? You might just find happiness and satisfaction along the way. So leave your worries behind. Keep looking forward. You can, and you will. Anything is possible.

Not long ago I found a quote on Pinterest that was saying.. “Turn your face to the Sun and all of the shadows fall behind you.” which I also added to my new widget entitled “Inspirational images” on the left side of my blog (sidebar). I like to picture this quote differently, comparing the Sun with God and the shawods with worries. Because when we look at God, all of our worries fall behind us.

It’s true, positive thinking works. It definetly worked for me. But seeking God and asking Him for help in all that we are doing works much more better. Because all of our strentgh comes from Him.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.

Because if we want to realise something good in this life we have to risk for it. Work, be patient, believe and wait for the amazing result.

If it happens to fail, don’t give up, try again. Start more wisely.

And never forget to seek God for help in everything you do. Life is much more easier with Him by your side.

Stop struggling, start living! Stop worrying, start smiling! Stop hesitating, start doing!