“We are sometimes the most non-transparent people on earth. We hide behind the mask of our shame, performance, guilt, etc in hopes to protect ourselves but we fail to see that also blocks our ability to experience true love and joy. One of the things that makes us truly human is to be in real, authentic, and honest community.”

To love is to be vulnerable, I’d rather take the messiness of community and possible joy, than the cleanliness of isolation and sure despair. Because if you want to know the true depths of joy and true reality of love, then you have to be honest, open and transparent.

In this article I will add a video that truly impressed me in a positive way. It is short, but gives you a lot of thought, to reflect upon your life, ask yourself a few questions and face some realities in life.  There’s really not much I can say about it, the video says it all, so that’s why I invite you to watch it. It is worth it. And takes about 4 minutes. So it won’t steal much of your time. If you don’t understand it at first, play it again and listen carefully, if you want you can also take some notes for yourself.

Honestly, I’m not easily impressed by videos I find on the internet. But there are a few that I like and admire. These usually have something to learn from and reflect the reality, not a impression of  life.

As in the title, the video talks about what does it mean to be truly human. To face struggles, worries, problems…and that we are not created to face everything all by ourselves. You’ll find “the big secret” hidden behind the question in the title, the answer you’ve maybe been looking for. And also, some great advices as an encouragement in the problems you are facing, or maybe have faced in the past.

Can’t say more than…hope you enjoy it!