Last weekend I was gone from home in a partnership with my highschool and another highschool from a different city, that is almost 5 hours away from my home. We stayed there for 3 days and the warmth offered from the people there was amazing, even though the weather was not so pleasant. Rainy and cold, actually. Their hosting was wonderful.

Beside other great activities, there was one I liked most, and that was the trip in the forest. Not only did I enjoy the fresh air, amazing views and the company of great people. But I also enjoyed the fact that I could clear my head. Take some time off from everything that was stressing. I was free. And nothing worried me.

Stress free area ahead

Despite the fact that it was rather cold and it was raining a bit, the trees sheltered us from the rain and the fun conversations with the people around me warmed my heart.

The more difficult the path was to climb, the more satisfaction I would get in the end. All I could see around me were…wonders. Not just trees, a very nice blue lake or waterfalls, it was God’s amazing creation on this earth.

I was just walking on a path, avidly breathing fresh air in my chest, with the rain gently falling on my face and enjoying the beautiful sounds of nature. My eyes exploring the surroundings. Simply amazing!

I can’t really explain how it is. You have to experiment for yourself to understand. For example, I love the nature, moutains, trials, and activities in fresh air.

Haven’t had a trip in a pretty long time, and had days when I really missed it, couldn’t wait to have one again. So this was like a short time for me to charge my batteries, and come back home with new strengths.

For me, nature is like a “stress free area”, where I can simply relax and take some time off. If I would stay near a forest or hill I would take a walk every day to disconnect myself from everything that means urban agitation. For some people it might seem weird to want something like that. These days you can’t live without internet. But some people might just understand me. It’s good to separate yourself from your daily routine and just relax. Explore the wonders around you, know your country better and see more than just roads and buildings. 


For me to walk or take a trip in nature is just like therapy for some people. And it’s almost impossible not to leave amazed from all that I have experienced. Remain with some wonderful memories. And remember everything like it was yesterday.

If you feel the same, and have the opportunity, take my advice and don’t miss an ocasion like that. Take a friend with you, take two, or go alone if you’d like. And you’ll see how well it will do to you. Don’t hurry to come back, take some time to enjoy the wonders that nature has to offer, explore, breathe in all that fresh air, and even if it starts raining, let is fall and caress your face.

Turn off everything that’s stressing and worrying you, and come back a new person with new strengths.

That’s what happened to me. 🙂


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