One weekend me and my best friend thought about a similar case scenario without talking to each other about it, we just found out after. But we both thought of the same thing, telepathically maybe. Which I believe it was pretty awesome. So that you can understand better I’ll explain a little story and if you want, you can try to imagine yourself in it or imagine what would you do in that situation.

Imagine that you’re walking on the street and suddenly you see the person in front of you dropping 5 dollars. Immediately your mind starts to work on its own and brings you two ideas, or should I say two options:

1. Tell the person that he/she dropped the money. Or be even nicer and pick them up and give them to the person.

2. Don’t say anything! Shh…let’s hope the person doesn’t observe! Wait for her/him to walk a little further and PICK THEM UP!!! ..Your mind whispers to you.


Of course our first reaction would be to pick them up fast before somebody else does. Or to say in our mind “Hey, it’s 5 bucks. Can’t just let somebody else take them! Plus, that person must have many more where that came from.”

Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s a wrong way of thinking! Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person losing the 5 dollars. Would you like to be treated that way? And you can’t judge by appearances, those 5 dollars might have been the only money left in the person’s wallet.

You might also think like this: Well, it’s not like I stole them directly from the person. You’re right, you didn’t, but it is still stealing! You saw the money, you could have said something or did something about it and you refused. You choose to keep them for yourself. It is stealing! It makes no difference if they are on the ground or in the persons wallet.

Or…You might have thought like this: I should tell the person. It is not fair to take them. They don’t belong to me. Now if you thought like that I congratulate you! That is the right way of thinking! If you are fair in life, life will also be fair to you.

It doesn’t matter how much money we talk about. It could be just a dollar, but still stealing. If you do the right thing you’ll be rewarded sooner or later. I know a case when somebody returned the money to the person dropping them and was so appreciated for what he had done that the person insisted for him to keep the money. That’s how appreciated his gesture was.

What doesn’t belong to you give it back to who it belongs. And be thankful for what you have. Others have less.

God says in The Ten Commandments very clear what we should and should not do. In His 8th commandment He says: “You shall not steal.

There is a situation when taking the money would be acceptable; that is when you don’t see anyone dropping them or looking for them and you just simply see them lying on the ground. That makes it ok for you to take them.

But in other cases it’s best to be fair in life. And who knows how big your reward will be one day. Good will always be rewarded with good. Everybody loves an honest and fair person.