Got an idea a few days back to make an article about my favourite bands and songs. My own playlist.

My favourite band so far is Rend Collective. They came up with a new album in March 2014 called  “The Art of Celebration“. I can say that I love almost all their songs.

Other bands that I like are:

1.Chris Tomlin                          7. Phillips, Craig and Dean                 13. MercyMe

2. Sanctus Real                         8. Jamie Grace                                        14. Kristian Stanfill

3. The Afters                              9. Hillsong United                                 15. Leeland

4. Tenth Avenue North         10. Sidewalk Prophets                         16. for King and Country

5. Luminate                                11. Matt Maher                                       17. Josh Wislon

6. Phil Wickham                        12. Anthem Lights                                18. JJ Weeks Band


Besides these great bands I listen to others as well. But the ones listed above are the ones I really love and listen to most often.

I adore and recommend K~LOVE radio. A christian music radio that you can find here.

I’m a music lover. Love listening to music as much as I love to sing.

My playlist is made from these awesome songs:

1. “Immeasurably More” – Rend Collective

2. “To Love You Back” – Jamie Grace

3. “Lift Me Up” – Unspoken

4. “This is Amazing Grace” – Phil Wickham

5. “When the stars burn down” – Phillips, Craig and Dean

6. “Waterfall” – Chris Tomlin

7. “Pushing Back the Dark” – Josh Wilson

8. “It is Ever” – JJ Weeks Band

9. “Desert Soul” – Rend Collective

10. “Lord, I need You” – Matt Maher

11. “Let it be Jesus” – Passion

12. “That’s How You Forgive” – Shane and Shane

13. “Help me find it” – Sidewalk Prophets

14. “You are God” – Sanctus Real

15. “Where life will never die” – Tenth Avenue North

16. “Fight Forever” – Anthem Lights

17. “Burning in my Soul” – Matt Maher

They’re not just songs that I like, they also encourage me often, give me a good mood, lift me up.

Hope you liked them as well. And feel free to leave a comment if you found a song that you liked, or already knew.

Have a great musical day!