Imagine a puzzle without the last piece. After so much work and effort trying to put all the pieces together to form the puzzle, you discover that it’s incomplete. Disappointing, isn’t it?

Now I want to ask you something…have you ever imagined this world without you? I tend to believe that maybe you did, I know I do when I’m very sad for some reason. But then I realise, this world would be incomplete without me. Just like a puzzle without it’s last piece.

If you ever said to yourself  “This world would not be any different without me.”  Well, my friend you are very wrong. Because you are very important and needed in this community.

For a moment think of all the jobs that pop into your head. Doctor, nurse, chef, waiter, mailman, police officer, construction worker, editor, seller, and others. If everybody wanted to be a doctor than how will things work in this world? We need every person with it’s own talent. Everyone is important in this community.

And every one is different, just like every piece in the puzzle is shaped and colored differently. But together they perfectly form an image. Each and every one of them is important and needed, otherwise the image will not be created completely.


So if you believe that this world would be the same without you, than you are very wrong. Not everybody on this planet knows you, and they don’t have to, it is enough to have a family and friends that care for you. You know why? Because you make their world complete!

Next time you feel like you don’t belong here, that you’re unimportant and not needed, remember the puzzle.