We have been asked to write an essay at school about an adventure in an inner world, entitled “Me and my Universe” not long ago. Thought it might be cool to share it on my blog. Enjoy!

Adventures in an inner world

It was a sunny day in May, there’s nothing better to do than to take a short walk around the house to discover new places, maybe even fantastic places, a world of your own, where you can dream, where you can become whatever you wish/want to become, where you can be free to live.

Walking on an alee that leads to a forest near by, I found a trail that didn’t seemed to be used for quite a long time, grass have grown over the tracks that were once trodden on the earth. I haven’t paid any attention to it at first, but because of my boredom I decided to follow it. The trial was longer than I thought, I was getting further and further from my home, and the fear of getting lost was growing. I’d often stop along the way to look back. All I could see around me was green, the tress were leafy and green, it was no wonder that Spring passed by that place. The trial had finally stopped, in front of me there was a big wooden fence, it looked worn-out, ready to fall down at any minute.


I took a good long look at it with a curiosity that was growing with every minute that passed by: What could be behind this fence? I spot a crack and ran to look through it. Beyond the fence you could see a huge covered patio, grass and dandelions, it was clear that the place had not been groomed for a long time. It was the backyard of a house. There was also a cottage made of bricks and tin roof at the left, with a large wooden door looked with a rusty padlock. I gussed that’s where the owner had once kept his tools. On the right, there was a lanky pile of wood, probably used for heating in winter, but in the middle there was something I couldn’t distinguish or compare. Curiosity and the desire to study the place had grown.

The only thing that was stopping me was the fear of  being made ​​accountable by a crazy old man that I imagined could live there, and that at any time could come out of the house screaming and running after me with a stick. The thought made me smile. After a few minutes I calculated all the possibilities in my mind, and decided to go. What could be so bad? In addition, I could discover new and interesting things. A log was leaning on the fence about two meters away from me. Little did I knew then that that was the key to a world I’ve been dreaming of.

I got one foot on the log and the other over the fence. In one leap I was already in the yard. I made my way to the middle. When I got closer I realized it was an old car, red color, missing two doors, one in front and one in back. The steering wheel was still intact. A wheel was missing so the car was leaning on a pile of bricks. Inside the car was dusty, but to me it seemed the perfect place to play.


One of my greatest passions were cars and races, so I go ahead and sit in the driver’s seat with enthusiasm. I grabbed the steering wheel with one hand and placed the other hand on the gear shift, smiled, laughed, and imagined that I can drive. I looked straight ahead as if I had just won a race. I closed my eyes and let my foot slip off the accelerator pedal. I felt the speed increasing and my pulse beating faster as I was accelerating. I was in my world, the world that I‘ve always dreamed of. Nobody could keep up with me, I could see it fall behind, just a memory and only in a few seconds all the glorious moments of my life passed before my eyes. Could hear applause, encouragement, the entire planet affirming and my race was not over yet

I was changing gears without fear that I might remain with the gear in my hand and pressed the accelerator so hard that I could feel the floor. Who would have thought that imagination can fly so far? That it can surround the world in just a few seconds? Or it can create sensations that no race driver could ever feel? Imagination is a gateway to a new world, a pen that only you could write a book with, a song which only you could choose the musical notes to.
I felt like I flying, although I was still touching the ground. It was a feeling of freedom, a sweet song, a fairy tale in which there’s no time or space limits, the world was just mine. Why do people say that the sky is the limit, when the imagination can embrace the universe?
The dashboard was showing me 200 km/h, I was 100 meters away from winning the race the race of my life. All I ever wanted right in front of my eyes. People shouting. I never felt so much joy. Accelerating only looking forward. I was 50 meters away from the finish line! And then 40 meters … 30 meters … 20 meters …. Without having any inkling, too caught up in my racing world, I heard my name. I opened my eyes, realizing that my older sister is looking for me. I’ve been absence from home for quite a while now and it was starting to get dark outside. We got out the care and answered with a shout “I’m here!”.
While I was getting ready to jump over the fence, I looked back as if I was looking for the last time at my time machine smiled vaguely, I knew that it won’t be the last time I will come here. My adventure had just begun