There’s nothing more simple than feeling something. Of course, we don’t even control it. But why do people face so many difficulties when it comes to putting in words what they feel or think?

Most of the times I like to believe that we are blocked by fear. Fear of what the other person might think, what they might say or us being rejected. And just like that we miss out on all the wonders and glory days this life has to offer. If you feel something  just say it! It’s that simple. In the end what do you have to lose?

It’s very important to communicate and let each other know what matters, what is in our head.

For example, last Sunday I found out something that brightened my day. A quest came to our church joined by a friend of mine. I sat next to them, and my friend said to this person about me the next words that amazed me: “This is one of my best friends from church…”. Ok, the words “best friend” shocked me. You might say “Ok, it’s weird, she considered you one of her best friends and you didn’t knew?”. My answer is NO, I didn’t. And how could I if she had never told me that?

A person can be very mysterious, an ocean full of secrets, but unconsciously hide even the things that should be said and have importance. And to be honest, I was really happy to hear that she considers me one of her best friends. It made my day.

Another example, I’ve been to a conference about two months ago, for some reason I was very sad one day and a girl I just met 2 days before, said to me “I want you to know that I love you”. It might not mean much to some people, but to me…it meant the world. There I was, sitting next to her, upset, struggling with my thoughts and a person shows me that she cares. And as happy as I was, she was also. Because for the first time she saw that she encouraged someone, brought a smile on my face and made my day brighter. If she wouldn’t have said that, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed that evening at the conference. Which was a night to remember.

Now you see how important it is to put your thoughts in words? It not only brightens someone’s day, it also brightens yours. This way you avoid fights, misunderstandings, sadness, regret and lots of others I’m sure you wouldn’t want to deal with.

People often believe that if they said it once, or prove it, they don’t need to say what they feel. Well it’s totally false! It is important to say what you feel, be wise in your actions but even wiser in your words. Lift others up. Don’t speak from your brain, speak from your heart. Always be honest, but also know when to be silent.

This is a very important lesson in my life. Is it in yours?