In a world of difficulties, fears, problems, discouragement and pain…dare to shine! You might not have an idea that will change the world, but you might have an idea that will change your life. So many times we think that we are unworthy, not capable of anything and weak…but we all have potential, we all have a talent, that special thing hidden in us just waiting to be used.

I encourage you to change your life! Prove to yourself that you can and you will. Aren’t you tired to hear people saying that you can’t? Who are they to tell you that you can’t? You are the one that decides if you can or can’t do something. Most of the time, the “talented” people are taken by the ones who work and put more energy and time into reaching their goal and  purpose.

I’d like to give you two examples from my life.

For the last few days, from almost two weeks ago, I’ve been experiencing pain in my left shoulder. During the day it’s ok, but at night it’s terrifying. I haven’t slept a full night since I started having these pains. I wake up at night with a huge pain in my shoulder that literally leaves me with no air. And every morning I wake up because of the pain. To be honest with you, I’m afraid to get to bed, because I know that I have to go through everything all over again and it’s not pleasant.

Miss to sleep a full night, be able to move my shoulder without feeling pain and wake up whenever I want. But life has it’s ups and downs in which we have to go through. No one says that it is easy, and yet we still live.

The other example, I am not bragging, but I speak english very well, with an american accent. People are always shocked when they hear me talk in english for the first time. Cause no one who WASN’T born in U.S, DOESN’T have american parents or that has NEVER been is U.S…can speak english the way I do. I’ve been asked “How come?” more than I can keep count and asked how did I manage to speak english so well?

Since I was six years old I discovered I liked this language, every word I would hear I recorded in my mind and used it often. Watching a lot of cartoons and movies in english only developed my knowledge regarding english. So, from a young age I practiced and practiced daily my english skills and now I am what I am today. It’s not like I miraculously got this “talent”, it was something I liked, worked for and got results.

So now you’re probably wondering how are my two examples tied up. Well, the first one, with my shoulder pain is an example of a barrier on my journey in enjoying life. It stops me from doing a lot of normal things, being ok and also creates me discomfort. But despite all of this, it didn’t stop me to read a book I really loved in just two days and holding the book with both my hands all day. And the second one is a perfect example of the fact that you have to work hard for what you want. Just dreaming about it or being talented will not help. Every artist or singer will tell you that without rehearsals they would have never gotten on stage. And every book writer would have never been published without having to write a few drafts and books that ended up failed or thrown in the trash. And so on…

Sometimes you will fail, face bumps along the road and might not always succeed, but that’s the moment you have to ask yourself  “Is this all there is to my life? Am I just gonna give up?”. Don’t expect someone else to lift you up or live you life for you cause it will never happen. You have to pick yourself up and keep going.

If you want results, then work for them and don’t give up! It will come a day when all that you’ve worked for will be paid off.


And even if you are facing health problems, pain and others, don’t let that stop you from enjoying life and doing what you really want.

Try to always look on the bright side and take only the good in everything, ignore the bad. Bad should go to bed!