stack-of-books Recently my best friend gave me a few books. Out of all of them, only one seemed to interest me more. So, I decided to give it a try. The book had 288 pages but I finished it in just 2 days. Not only have I been impressed by how fast I could read a book, I was also impressed by the fact that I couldn’t let it go from my hands.

As a teenager I hate the fact that we are obligated to read certain books for school. Because they’re NOT the type of books I enjoy to read. And of course I face difficulties reading, it takes forever to finish the book and at the end, I didn’t learn anything from it. Many people face this problem, and not necessarily because they have to read a book for school, but because they don’t read the right book.

How could we expect to love reading if we never read what we like? Just like movies, books are different too. We try to read one, see that we don’t like it and start complaining that we don’t like reading and books are boring. Problem is we give up too easily

I’ll share with you a little secret. I like romantic and action movies. Rarely I enjoy a comedy, other than that, movies don’t interest me. Same goes with books. You can’t enjoy a romantic movie if you like only the ones with action in them.

Based on the type of movies you like, try to find a book of the same type. And I’ll guarantee you’ll enjoy it. Don’t fill your mind with poetry, instead search for a good best seller fiction novel that you like. And remember “Never judge a book by its movie.” Books are much more interesting that a movie. Why? ‘Cause they hold much more information, while the movie doesn’t, for short timing reasons and you get to imagen the story on your own. Even though the characters are usually described, you get to picture them as you want.

Now, I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but for me, if I see a movie in which I don’t like the actors then the movie is not pleasant also, no matter how well produced it is.

To find books that you like is easy, not only that you can look for them online, but you could also ask a friend if they have one that matches your tastes and they also enjoyed reading. But better yet, I suggest asking a librarian. Since they work in that domaine, they’ll be the best person that can direct you to the “perfect book” you’ll definitely enjoy.

In another article of mine I named a few advantages of reading and disadvantages if you don’t read. In case you are interested and still believe reading is boring and useless, click here and it will lead you directly to my article “Why should we read?”


Trust me, I used to think just like any stubborn teenager, that reading is boring, useless and definitely not for me, until…I read the first novel that I adored and still have freshly in my mind.

A few of my favorite authors are: Francine Rivers, Charles Martin and Kim Vogel Sawyer. They made reading a dream come true. I enjoy other authors as well, but these lovely people are the best!

Hope you succeed in finding a book you’ll enjoy. If you’re still facing difficulties, feel free to ask me for suggestions. I’d be more than happy to help you.

Have fun reading!