Same way things are not the way they seem to be, people are different as well. At first sight a person can only give two impressions: good or bad. Yes, that simple. Why? Because we judge too fast! Without even taking a chance to get to know a person. We first see the appearances, form our own image and move on. Wrong!

A person can only be characterized after time spent with them. Not days, years. “But why?” you ask. Well, because we all make one big same mistake…we look at a person’s appearance and not their soul. We look at the outside before we take a chance to know the inside and one day get surprised that we were wrong.

You can easily tell a person’s story through their behaviour, but hardly know what their journey was/is all about. Usually when a person is angry, depressed or lonely is because they had a rough journey that made them give up. People say that happiness is a choice, it’s true. But what if life knocked you down so many times that your personality ended up being changed?

Don’t rush in making a first impression, because you’ll be very surprised to see that almost everytime it will prove you wrong. Just because you don’t like a person face it doesn’t mean they don’t have an amazing golden character. And believe it or not it’s not the looks that matter, but the rare character. What makes a person beautiful is not their appearance, but their personality. Don’t you rather have a friend with a kind heart, warming smile, that’s also loving and understanding? That likes you just the way you are? That’s exactly the kind of friend i want and try to be for others, starting today.

Some people believe lies like “I am not good of anything”, “I shouldn’t exist”, “Nobody loves or cares for me”…like I said, all lies! And they permit these lies to invade their mind, a consequence that can change even their appearance and personality. But truth is that there is good in everyone. Every single person on this earth is good and wonderful in their own unique way. Why? Because God created each and every one of them. And He never makes mistakes!

The Bible says in 1 Timothy 2:3 “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanks-giving because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.” So there’s absolutely no doubt that every single person is good, has value and significance.

Another important fact is also how you see yourself and what you think of yourself. This world is always going to judge, but your job is to watch your own path and life, not theirs. It is also very true that whatever a person has inside is the same thing they reflect outside, but that doesn’t make them a bad person.

In conclusion, this entire article is based on one simple but yet important advice…don’t form an impression based on appearances, but on a personality! And yes, it doesn’t matter how a person looks, because God has made everyone good and He also loves them more than you and i could ever understand. And our job is to do the same, love and accent them just the way their are! Because one day, they might just change and become a better person that even they thought they could be.

And in the end I’d like to finish with a personal example. Often times if I didn’t like a person’s looks I’d form a wrong impression about them, but once i got to knew them, their personality melted my cold heart and in the end, I even got to love them.

So give them a chance!