IMG_1948Today, scrolling down on Tumblr I found this cool and catchy picture that got my attention, then a thought hit me: “How often do we see the world through a phone’s camera and not through the eyes that we are blessed with to see?” We hurry in taking a picture, collect a memory, but forget that the most precious memories are cultivated in our mind/heart and not in the pictures that we take, or in a PC folder.

Often times, we take pictures for posting them on a social network and brag on what we did or what we’ve seen. The idea is to live your life for you, not to brag to others. If this will always be a concern for you then I have some news…you’ll never be able to fully enjoy your little trip!

I noticed that more than ever, even for me, mobile phones gets used way too much. A few years back a phone’s role was very simple…communication. Today, a smartphone says it all. It gets to have more advantages than a computer, or even more. So what’s happening here? Shouldn’t we go out? Or enjoy fully a nice long hike, walk in the park or going out for some ice-cream with friends? Yes! Then why do we fell the need to post on our facebook status where are we, with who and what are we doing?

Facebook is more advantaged than our parents these days. Because not even they know what we are doing 24/24 h. And this fact brings a question mark in my mind.

I totally agree with taking pictures and having some memories with the places you’ve been or people you’ve met. I’m also the type that likes to have a nice photo of  “the good old days”. But don’t agree in posting personal information’s on a public website, especially with exaggerated specific details.

Not long ago I’ve participated on a project with my school that explained in an amazing way how a few little and insignificant details written on a facebook status got to a rout of having 1,000 strangers on a person’s doorstep. They told us about a true story of a girl that simply created an event on facebook saying that she is having a birthday party and she made the very big mistake to let her invitation in a “public” category. The invitation got to people even from a different countries, and for her birthday the girl had the unpleasant surprise to find about 1,000 strangers outside her house wanting to “party”.

Yup, you might say this story is a bit exaggerated, but it’s real. That’s why you can never be too careful when you post something on a public website, because you never know how far it can go and what consequences will it lead to.

What I want to highlight in this article is this: take a picture to have a memory! Go out with friends to have a good time! And face your problems, don’t facebook them! I am the type of person that likes to post a lot of quotes on my facebook wall, but rarely post something personal, and when I say personal is nothing more that a simple friend should know about my life.

In my opinion, the personal things in your life should remain between you and your family, they are called “personal” for a reason, you know. And should NOT be known by the entire planet (an exaggeration, but sometimes the cruel reality). But it’s just my personal conviction, you do as you please.

If you are a photographer then I understand you passion in seeing the world through a camera, but if you’re not and you’re just trying to brag with your achievements…then it might be a small problem here. I know your thinking…”I just want to share my experiences with my friends”. Ok, deal. But do that on a walk, not on a public website! I don’t have anything against anyone but a lot of bad things have happened after things like these. Even the team that holed the presentation to that project shared with us a little secret that I’ll share here with you also…Facebook keeps EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. Even if you delete a photo or status they still have it. And if you believe that something you wrote on your wall 2 years ago is no longer important, maybe it still does now for some people.

And by now you’re probably wondering “Ok so what does this have to do with the title? Isn’t it more against?”. Well, simple, once you stop living in the virtual world of technology, and stop looking at this world through a camera or facebook (which upholds every “new” thing) you’ll start living a more beautiful and real life. I know it’s “modish” to do all these things, that’s what everybody does. But that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself  be carried away by the wave. Don’t follow the crowd, be wiser and create your own path!

A photo that reflects the reality: