– So, you want to interview Me?

– If You have time, I answered.

God smiled.

My time is eternity…what questions would you like to ask Me?

– Most surprises you most about people?

God answered:

– That they get bored of their childhood, hurry up the growing up process…afterwards long for the time they were children; that they loose their health to make money and afterwards their money to regain their health. The fact that they think with fear of the future and forget the present, so their not living neither for the present or the future; that they live as if they would never die and die as if they never lived. God reached out for my hand and we stood quitely for awhile.

Then finally I asked:

– As a parent, what would be the lessons in life You’d want to teach Your children?

– To learn that it takes only a few seconds to open up deep wounds in the heart of the ones they love and that it takes many years for those wounds to heal; to learn that a rich man is not the one that has more, but the one that needs the less; that there are people in the world that love them but just don’t know how to show it yet; that two people can look at the same thing but see something totally different; to learn that it is not suficient to forgive others, but also, forgive themselves.

– Thank You for Your time, I humbly said. Is there anything else You’d like people to know?

God looked at me with a smile and said:

Just that I’m here, always.