I was lying in bed yesterday with my phone when suddenly I got the strangest idea to open Google Earth and look for all the famous places on Earth, such as: New York – Statue of Liberty; The Golden Gate Bridge, The Empire State Building and others like: The Eiffel Tower; The Great Pyramid of Giza; Colosseum; Machu Picchu; The Great Wall of China and more others.

Seeing all of these with Google Earth got me feeling like I was actually there. So I enjoyed most of the view and captured every one of them in a photo. This was the result:


I know it’s no big deal to do that and anyone can. But actually visiting all these countries with amazing wonders takes money and time. Which is something that not all of us have.

Recently, I’ve started following vloggers on YouTube and enjoying the fun videos they make. One has a YouTube account dedicated specialy to traveling. It is his passion and so he decided to share it with the world. Taking up a risk in our lives can sometimes turn out to be some of the best experiences that ever happened to us, but for that we must move one step closer and “take the shot”.

This vlogger traveled the world from America to China, Africa, India, Norway, Australia, Tokyo, Dubai, Instanbul, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico and loads of other places, which I’m pretty sure you’ve seen or heard about in movies or on the internet. This guy went horse riding on the beach, did bungee jumping in a rain forest, rope gliding, jumped into waterfalls, went sailing, and more about his activites and life you can see in this next video:

To me what he does is an inspirtion to believe and remind myself that life is beautiful even in the worst of circumstances. That Earth has wonders so amazingly created, that are far more greater than anything ever built by man.

Being a part of new cultures, comunicating with people in their own language, giving them a smile and seeing it reflect back at you are few of the things that make life an adventure.

Louis (the vlogger I’ve been writting about) has a saying at the end of each video: “Enjoy life. And live the adventure!”. Some of us want to do that, but simply can’t. I’m not much of a traveler because I’ve always just been home. But when I do go traveling I simply love it. So if I had more opportunities I would take them and see the world! A cool fun fact is that even when lying sick in bed, I can scroll on Google Earth and still see the world. It’s not fantastic, but it’s one way to learn better geography and know more about the continents around you, but also…collect some ideas of where you could go next on your adventure!

Learn to use everything you’ve got for a greater purpose that the one you already have in your mind. Because some people use Google Earth just to see how their house looks like from satellite. Use it for something far more greater instead! Ever wanted to go some place but couldn’t? Look for it in your own way!


This article isn’t advertisement for Google Earth, nor a travel blog. It’s a friendly advise to do something different with your time and options. One idea may lead to another, and who knows? You may be the next person that the world wants, an inspiration because you are original and use your ideas and options to make your life and your world a better place!
Make life your little adventure if traveling isn’t an option, people are the continents so get to know them more!


And if an opportunity strikes…take it! You won’t regret!