A blogger can be many things, including a dreamer. Today’s post is going to be a bit different than my usual old ones. Today, you have the chance to see some cool design’s and get on with some dreaming, or why not…new ideas for your future home?

Yup, you guessed smarty! This post is about my dream house, how I see it and would like it to be. First off, I love massive houses, the ones you could get lost in, but what would be the point without a large family to fill it up? So, I guess for starters I would go with something smaller instead.

Ladies and gentleman, here’s my dream house:


This gorgeous house is my dream home. Love both the colors and the design. Simply love it!

For it’s interior design, my bedroom would probably have pictures with my family on the walls, some nice shelves, big cozy bed and probably look like this:


Adore this bedroom! Now that’s something I can dream about! Next it would be the living room, now I can’t really decide if I would like it to be connected with my kitchen or not, one thing I don’t really like is that the smell of all the stuff you cook gets all over your living room. Other than that, I love designs like that. One thing that I would realy love to have and is a “must” in my dream house is an oversized cozy chair. To cuddle up on comfortably during movies. Highly relaxing!


Another main thing would be a big shelve to put pictures on, books, and cool decorative stuff….


In the end would probably look something like this or the second picture:



Never been a fan of small kitchens because I was stuck with one all my life, so I’ll defintely go for something bigger and larger but also stylish…


The bathroom would definetly be large and big and probably designed like this: (Love everything about it)


And last but not least….my desk to write more fun and interesting blog posts for you! Which would have loads of fun decorative stuff on it, inspiring me and giving me the sence of a cozy and pleasant place to be and just write.


Now you know the idea of a perfect house for me. Of course, these are my tastes of design, but your may be entirely different. The main thing is, we’re all designers of something, maybe in music, poems, clothing design, cakes or food, painting, or whatever it is that you are talented at.

You don’t have to have the exact same taste in design as I do, but if you liked my ideas and this blog post, feel free to share on social media with your friends and family, or leave a nice comment saying what did you enjoy. I’d love to hear from you!

If you liked my photos and want to see more similar interior designs or house design, I’ll leave a link to my Pinterest page where I have more photos, all you have to do is click here. Or the words above describing the designs you’d like to see.

Allow me to end with a question:

How does your dream house look like?