What is the number one method you’d use to demonstrate your love to someone? 

I wanna start up by saying I’m not a fan of the theory that if you love someone the whole world should know it, because we come in contradiction whether you are not ashamed to say it or you’re just trying to brag about how awesome she/he is, or what a “good” partner you are to them.

This article is not about relationships, tips, or even V day. Nope. It’s about learning on how to show our love to the one and ones that we know.

Recently, in my neighborhood, somebody wrote with paint on a wall the words ” I love you. Do you believe me now?”. Obviously, we can guess that the guy had no idea to show his appreciation for the girl, or had no idea to prove it. So he got the foolish idea to “paint his love” on a wall. Now I don’t know what the girl’s reaction was, but I’d probably call him crazy and ask him to repaint the wall.

I guess we can agree that’s not the way you demonstrate your feelings towards someone. That takes time, patience, kindness and the ability to suffer through the journey. To love is to suffer, and because many flee from suffering few know how to love! 

So, how can we prove our love?

Well, the answer to that question depends on the loved ones character. What he/she likes.

If she/he is a materialistic person, then buy them gifts more often (if you can afford it). If they love to hear sweet honey words then speak their language. But if that person longs for respect, appreciation and love, then don’t try to “fill their glass” with gifts and words, but with actions

Actions are love’s loudest scream. When your gestures reflect your feelings, there won’t be a doubt in the world that your love will not be seen and felt, even if we’re talking about a partner, spouse, friend, or family member. The few (difficult) conditions people detest to deal with is giving up on themselves and put the other first. But it is the key that opens love’s greatest treasures. And if the other person is just as loyal and faithful to you, then most likely you’ll receive the same response. 

In what most of us usually fail, but hate to admit, it is that we put our selfish needs before our relationships and expect the other to fulfill them. If they don’t succeed, then most of the times we end up fighting and arguing until we get to the point of realizing how dumb that was, how much we’d want to change the past, and regret the words said or maybe even the wounds we’d caused.

I speak to myself, as well, when I write this article. Because in all honesty, it is a lesson that I myself, still have to learn.

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