Although the existence of God can not be proven only by rationality, because human rationality is limited, there are some possible arguments.

  • The (cause and effect) argument

In this universe each effect is the product of a cause (the kids are the product of their parents, the parents are the product of their grandparents…and so on). So that, for this universe to exist there must be a cause outside of it. The final cause is God.

  • The argument of the Wise Design 
The universe is entirely accurate govern by laws, these laws imply a designer. 
Allow me to give an example: if you walk on the street and find a watch on the ground, you pick it up and say to yourself “This watch has made itself by accident”? No, you don’t. Because a watch doesn’t just grow in nature like grass and trees. You know that behind that watch there is a watchmaker. So the same way a watch requires a watchmaker, so does our universe a Creator.
  • The moral argument 

The morality of humanity requires a higher standard by the fact that there is a common morality, this shows a universal standard that sends us to God.

  • The Law argument 

The laws of God from the Bible are found in various forms in constitutions and laws of different nations, that are not necessarily christian.

For example, all the people in this world have the same principles that are the same with the laws God has given a long time ago. Even if you ask a child he will tell you it is not ok to steal, to kill, to lie, etc. And if you look at the various nations they all have similar laws that include “Do not kill”, “Do not steal”…and so on. In conclusion, all people are created with the same mentality. Even though most of them are not christian.

  • The Worship argument 

All people of the world, regardless of time and place in history, are aware of the existence of a superior human being or forces which man worships.

For example: Hinduism: Most Hindus worship one Being of ultimate oneness (Brahman)

Buddhism: Buddhists worship Buddha.

Islam: Muslims believe there is the one almighty God, named Allah.

And so on, these are just a few examples of people and nations worshiping other gods. But as you can see, even though they have different gods and beliefs they still feel the need to worship and look for a superior force or person, as the egyptians had a pharaoh. Why? Because God created people with the desire to worship and seek Him.

What about the atheists? 

Not long ago, I found a funny but true quote that said: “Atheist until the airplane starts falling.” And I believe you understand what it means. When one’s life is in danger, no matter if their atheist or not, they start praying.

But this is not my strongest argument. Most people that claim they don’t believe in God actually do. Makes no sense? Well how can you claim you don’t believe in God’s existence if you neglect Him? Most people reject the idea of God because of hatred, and say “How can there be a God when…?” but how can you hate someone you don’t believe in? You can’t !

Another genius and true quote that sustains me: “Jesus .. if he had never lived, we would had never been able to invent Him.” ~ Wink. People, including children, are all full of hatred, anger, full of themselves, boastful,…no person in this world could have been able to invent Jesus. We are limited as human beings.

We can’t see God, and that is usually the number one reason why people doubt His existence, but can we see gravity? No, but still believe it exists. Because things are attracted to the ground. Can we see love? No, but still feel it. Same goes with God. But you have to open your heart to know that He is right here, with you. Take that leap of faith.

And last but not least, if my information still did not convince you, or you’re not a big fan of reading and believe I wrote too much, maybe prefer a movie, than I recommend you watch ,,God’s Not Dead” the movie.