The sky was pale and there was silence on the lake. A few birds flown in distance, but quickly vanished from the view.

It was a peaceful morning, normal, as it may seem. Clouds chased one another across the sky. The view was once again beautiful. As I just stood there and enjoyed the landscape, memories flooded my mind.

The air you breathe prepares you for the unexpected, but that’s not what it did to me. This place used to be my favorite spot in the whole world when I was a kid. Out here I’d never get bored. But for the past few years I haven’t even been here anymore.

Our heart drags us to the people, things, and places that we love, but never back to painful memories. As a child you usually take what’s good from life, without even a second thought you grab your chances and enjoy every second of it.

Joy comes from little things. Life has thought me that. Every perfect moment will become a memory, but once you have something to hold on to, it’s easier not to forget. As a reminder of these moments some people take photos, but for me, it is all just a story that I carry into my memory.

Now of course every story has a beginning. Mine started out 5 years ago. In a simple cloudy day like this one. I was getting ready to have a “one man picnic” near the lake, when I saw a human figure coming towards me.

– Hi !

I tilt my head refusing small talk and feeling no desire to enter in a conversation. She was tall, with long brown hair and bright eyes. Her smile was friendly and voice very calm. Noticing she won’t leave I decided to go with the flow and hope she’ll realize I don’t need company.

– Hey! What brings you hear? I asked more irritated than curious.

– Oh, I was suppose to meet up with a friend but I guess she’s running late. You?

– Trying to get away from city and people, I said, hoping she’ll get my message.

– Well I don’t mean to impose! I can leave if that’s what you wish.

Looking in those big brown eyes no one could still be cold. This girl inspired something I had never seen before. She was very sweet and kind. And so I’d given up and decided to let her stick around.

After talking for a good three hours she had left home, but with the promise we will meet again. My first reaction was always to push people away, but it wasn’t the same with her. She had something special, a song maybe only I could hear.

As weeks became months, and months became years, me and Ashley became very close. Now I was looking at her with deep love in my eyes. I was eager to see her and hours spent together weren’t enough. Despite our usual daily activities we’d see each other almost every day, enjoy long walks, longer conversations, volleyball games and winning them all, shopping, and did everything together. It was more than fun, for once I finally had a real friend. And I wasn’t going to let her go…or so I hoped.

One day Ashley came by wearing a red ribbon tied to her wrist. When I asked why, she smiled and said:

– Oh, we had to wear this for a game at school, each student was represented by the color of their ribbon.

Her’s was red.

– Can I keep it? I asked with a begging tone in my voice without ever realizing.

– You want to keep this? Ashley asked confused. Compared to me she saw it insignificant. But for me, any object that was hers had a meaning and significance.

– Sure. Why not? It’s yours…

Ashley untied it off her wrist and gave it to me. I wore it as a bracelet for a few days, after that it ended up in a box full of things I got from her along the way.

And here is where my story got really interesting…

I have just received a letter of application to a distanced college I always dreamed to attempt. It brought me as much sadness as the level of joy, both in the same time. I get to go to my dream college, but leave everything I hold dear behind, my home, my family, my beloved city and most of all…my best friend.

Two months later my bags were packed and ready to go, but me. I’ve arranged with Ashley to meet right by the lake (where we first met) before I leave, to say goodbye at least one more time. I got there first and waited for a good few minutes. She was late from time to time, but never took her so long to show up. As minutes passed my heart filled with sadness. And the possibility of her not arriving was very high. It was important for both of us to say goodbye, and I knew she wouldn’t skip out on me. Something must have happened…

I decided it was time to leave when my eyes fell on my wrist, where the red ribbon was tied up. I thought that maybe she couldn’t make it and that she might come here later on. And so I took it off and tied it to a fence near by…hoping that if she’ll come here one day, she will know, I was here waiting….


Note from the author: This is a fictional story I wrote for this blog.

~ W. L