Meditating can be a fun thing sometimes, cause while you’re squeezing the brain to form some ideas or figure something out, thoughts won’t come easy. But if you simply meditate out of boredom, some pretty interesting facts might come to you by surprise.

I don’t promote laziness! Nor thinking too much! Neither of these gets you anywhere. But sometimes, we need to put our thoughts into order and figure out what is useful and what is pointless, therefore discovering how we are wasting or using our time, or what we are doing wrong or worthy of our energy.

For example, to understand best, I’ve come up with some facts I don’t think are necessarily new or undiscovered, but maybe not realized by all of us and these will be found in a list down below:

  1. Motivational quotes don’t actually motivate us. 
  2. We think tomorrow belongs to us. When actually, its not guaranteed. 
  3. We long for at least one more dollar in our pocket. 
  4. Our image is not the one we have of our-selfs, its showed in the way we treat people.
  5. We see a movie as a reality, and compare it to our life. 
  6. We believe every one is wrong, but we’re always right. 
  7. We hate to learn but love to earn.
  8. A brake-up seems like the end of the world, when truly, life goes on. 
  9. We hate books and yet read comments on facebook. 
  10. People know your name, not your story. 

Hope I got you thinking and realizing some daily mistakes we all live with.

And remember, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.