I found this photo not long ago and got inspired to save it and write an article about this crazy ‘what if’. A photo holds a lot of inspiration for any type of writer.

Why this weird, crazy subject?

Well, let’s just say you’d have to continue reading to find out why.

‘What if fireman used sprinklers?’ is a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I first laid eyes on that photo. Although, the answer is pretty obvious. It would be weird, pointless, not enough, and they’d loose rather than save people and their homes.

In other words, they’d be like gardeners.

When a fire breaks out, no one calls up a gardner to save the day. To extinguish a fire you need water gushing with strong pressure.

This crazy ‘what if’ example makes me wonder if we do the same in life. Instead of getting things done right until the end, we are satisfied with half measures. Instead of finishing an article, we’re satisfied with a quick draft. Or instead of learning for school, we only pack our backpack and flick some pages without reading a thing. Instead of cooking a nice warm dinner, we flip some pancakes. Anyway, you get my point.

Something I’ve personally realized is that people these days want everything fast, (now) and easy. We hate effort. That’s why fast food industries run a great business, that’s why new upgraded smart phones sell better than fresh bread. The faster the better, is the human motto. Patience is in crisis. About to dissapear. So don’t wonder why people honk nervously in the middle of the street because you didn’t ‘fly’ when the light turned green.

The story I’m about to tell you is real, I’ve heard it second hand from someone who actually knows the person I’m telling you about. A man in a smaller city, nearby mine, had just started selling ice-cream on the street. His business wasn’t running so well, so he got this ridiculous idea to put out a banner saying “Tomorrow its free!”. Now you might say this is a genius way to gather customers, but the funny thing is he never removed the banner. So everyday, it would be the promise of tomorrow, so ice-cream would never actually be free.

Some advertisement, huh?

A second example, also a very real and true story. There was this old lady that barely kept afloat her maintenance from a day to another. Her son had moved to US searching for a better life, leaving behind a promise to help his mother financially. So every month he would send a 100$ bill in an envelope to his mother. So one day she wrote back to him and said: “Why do you keep sending me these green photos? I don’t even know who this man is. Can’t you send me some money instead?”.

No doubt you’ve got the story and laugh with tears right now. If you didn’t, read it again.

My point is that instead of doing what’s easier, simpler, or better for us and become selfish, self-centered people, we could be heroes in our own daily responsability. There are no shortcuts in life. And no valuable thing can be bought with money such as: love, family, health and others.
In conclusion, we are not all firman by profession, but we all are ‘fireman’ in our daily jobs and responsabilities as human beings.

Sprinklers are actually: laziness, selfishness, carelessness, indifference, greed, and many more.

Get rid of these evil and unnecessary features.

Allow me to end by asking you a very serious question:

If you were a fireman in your own daily personal life, how many people or houses would you save by using sprinkles? (metaphorically speaking)