Venetian mask among bright blue feathers.


“ You never know what we could have been, for that was a mask all that you have seen.”

Life is like a masquerade in which people are actors that wear masks, and play their role…

In life we meet many people, each of them is unique and has a different story.

We as people are wearing different kinds of masks: one when we are home, one in society, one when we are with friends, one at work, another one when we go to church and we almost forget to be the way we really are. We are wondering why we have superficial relationships with others? When we are so good at pretending and when we are asked how are we doing, the answer comes instantly: “I’m ok”…”doing good”…”I’m fine”…but when you look in your heart you realize that you are not ok. Maybe nobody knows what you’ve been through, but you try to be strong.

“The problem is that people are being hated when they are real, and being loved when they are fake.”

The question that rises in my mind is why people are loved when they are fake? And the answer is simple: because when you are fake…you are as people want you to be, because being real means expressing your own opinion, feelings, showing your weakness, and people don’t understand you. People wear masks because they want to impress, manipulate or control by force. Other people hide their feelings because they are afraid of being hurt, judged or misunderstood, but there are people who are wearing a mask because they choose to shine even if they are going through storms, and with their smile and optimism…they can help others to rise.

I don’t know the story of your life, or what you are struggling with…but what I know is that there are moments when you need to be yourself, and there are people who really care about you. Those people are called true friends. Maybe now you wonder: where are those people that really care and love you?

I asked myself that question until I discovered that “I can be the change I want to see in the world!” Since that day, I do my best to be a person that cares, loves people and sees the best in them. I started to treat people the way I would want to be treated, and nothing brings me more joy, than to see people around me being happy and enjoying life. What I have learned is that when you show people you truly care for them…they start to be real with you, leaving the masks behind.

I have an amazing person in my life that is always there for me, and I am more than blessed to have her in my life. She is my best friend, Theo, the one that has this blog and kindly asked me to write this article.

In conclusion, I encourage you to be yourself with close people who you can trust, and also don’t forget to treasure them in life, because they are hard to find.

PS: Life is beautiful, enjoy it!

By Muntean Daniela