If you read my Remarkable Summer Experience post, then my next words will make much more sense to you. If you want to know the full story, then I suggest you go back and read the first post which you can find here.


I thought a group of Americans I met this summer from Michigan were going to be the only ones I’ll probably meet in a while, but God never ceases to amaze me. I was told our church would welcome a group from Tennessee, U.S. last Sunday evening. As radiant and happy as I was to see them when they walked in, I left depressed from church that night. I was disappointed with myself for not talking to them, not because I didn’t have the chance, but because for some known or unknown reasons I just didn’t walk up to them to make conversation.

On Monday, our English teacher told us the same American group would be coming to our high school, which gave me a flare of hope for that second chance of meeting them that I was so longing for. God worked in such amazing ways that I can hardly describe them in words. If they would have come an hour early or an hour late to our class we wouldn’t have been able to welcome them because we had a history test before and after we would have had to leave our school to go for our French class in our other building.

They came, introduced themselves, sang a song and interacted with us. I knew right away that it wouldn’t be the last time I see them. Right before they left we were been told that we are invited to play volleyball and hang out with them in the park after school.


God’s timing is always perfect. And that’s something I experienced last week. And to me it was another reminder that He knows best. He knows what He is doing and he knows my future. His plans are better than my own. I just have to trust Him throughout my journey.

I ended up seeing them almost everyday of the week (which was the entire time that they have been here for their mission’s trip), so our bond grew stronger. They recommended a Christian college I might attend some day in Tennessee. Maybe God used them to guide me on a path He prepared for me a long time ago. All I had to do was be myself with these people and trust God’s timing. He made a way for me to meet them anyway even if to me it seemed impossible. I now have friends I hope to keep forever. I have people I can trust if I go to Tennessee.

I had so much fun with them last week, getting to know them, hear about their families and lives, and making a bond that will (hopefully) last for many years to come. They loved getting to know me as much as I loved hanging out with them and I’m sure we all left footprints in each others hearts and a hope that one day we will meet again.

God probably used them to drawn me to a place He wants me to be in the future and in return we all got a friend. My life-long dream of being in America for college is one step closer, all because I have an amazing Savior and Father. And slowly, but surely I am starting to discover why He put this love and passion for English in my heart.

So my latest lesson was to trust God’s timing. Things might not happen when I want them to, but that’s only because my God has something better in store for me

~ Warrior of Light ~