IMG_7178Espressee: a hidden coffee shop in the heart of Sibiu. My favorite place to go for a cold drink in hot summer days or a hot cup of coffee in cold autumn weekends.

I believe we all have a secret hiding place, an escape, when the world around us invades. For me, it’s definitely my favorite coffee shop, Espressee. Love the feeling of escape that it offers, for the time spent there it actually feels like I am in a different country. It’s refreshing drinks, are well – to die for!


The menu contains hot and cold drinks, such as: coffee, tea, lemonades, shakes, etc. Also, tasty sandwiches and desserts if you happen to be hungry. If you look into the menu you are most likely to find lovely wordplays like “espresseourselves” or “babyccinos”.

The atmosphere is my second favorite thing about it. A combination of modern and vintage interior design with spotlights, curtains, hanging light bulbs, bookshelves, plants and a vintage wooden (interesting) bathroom.

The staff is very friendly, and they speak English! Which makes Espressee nice and welcoming. Believe me, this place quickly steals your heart! If you are ever in Sibiu, Romania you have to drop by for a drink!


My American friend from Tennessee, Charity, did a way better job than me explaining what you’re missing out at Espressee. Below are her own words…

On our last full day in Sibiu, my team and I were given the opportunity to explore “The Center” one last time. This was our afternoon to explore the town and cram in any local tourist spots we could before we said our goodbyes. Our friend Teo was with us that day, and she recommended a cute little placed named “Espressee.” She led us down an unassuming alley off the main street, to find it tucked away on a corner. When we walked inside, my senses flew awake in a flurry of sights and smells. I was greeted by the warm aroma of cappuccinos, the dull murmur of conversation, the grinding of coffee beans, and a subtle hint of a cigar.


Teo took us into a quiet back room, where we had a table all to ourselves. Above our table, there was a quirky light fixture attached by different strands of colorful yarn. The unique spin in decoration made me feel as if I were in one of our local coffee shops in Chattanooga. As I browsed through the menu, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many different types of drinks were offered – over a hundred options to choose from! I set my eyes on a strawberry-mint lemonade and a chicken Panini. Our orders were served promptly and I was absolutely delighted by the presentation. The mint leaves in my drink were perfectly fresh and the cheddar on my Panini was melted to perfection. Survey says? Absolutely delicious!


Overall, I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Espressee. I appreciated that we were able to dine in an environment that was accommodating to conversation, sitting in a space that was not too noisy or busy.  I can definitely tell that the owners must put a lot of care and consideration into their business. I hope to go back next time we are in town!