Club catches fire. Plane falls from the sky. Terrorists attack Paris. Different, but yet similar tragedies that took numerous lives along with them. Families mourn their lost loved ones and countries all over the world fear who, what and where will tragedies strike next.

I’ve come to a realization this weekend, and that was that somehow, for some reason, God lead me into writing articles and making up quotes that not a day later were followed by what we call “tragedies”.

Last year, in April 2014 , I wrote an article entitled “Cherish your loved ones“, the second day my best friend at the time lost her grandmother.

This year on the 10th of October, I wrote an article entitled “Why I am against Halloween“, on “Halloween night” the Collective club from Bucharest, which happens to be the capital of my country had burst in flames, sweeping along with it 56 lives and leaving 145 injured behind, some in critical condition.

A day before the tragedy from Paris happened, I was creating a collage of photos on my phone, while adding each photo together I felt a quote would go along with it as well, so I wrote “The world is one big collage of blessings, we are tiny creatures consuming it’s miracles.” And this was the result…


Personally, I do not believe in coincidences. I’m certain God has a purpose and a plan. Just know I did not dream what was going to happen in advance, it was God giving me the inspiration and ideas for my articles.

Someone in church said these are only small, tiny tragedies, similar to the ones that are to come, only difference is, they are going to grow bigger and bigger, including the number of victims. Is this person right? Will we witness Apocalypse with our own eyes? Will this be the way the world ends?

I don’t have an answer for that. What I do know for sure is you are alive, reading this right now, it’s only proof of God’s kindness and love for YOU. Why? It could have very easily been you or me in the number of those victims. Maybe we both decided to go on a vacation trip to Paris, happened to be in that exact time and place (restaurant) in Paris when terrorists started shooting.

My guess is you’re thinking “Nah, that could never happen to me, me out of other 7 billion people on this planet, no way”. That’s what people in Paris thought when they went out to share a delicious meal with friends at a usual restaurant or watch a football match on the stadium in Paris, still, that didn’t stop them from becoming victims of a tragedy that will forever be known in history.

God sends warnings. Our job is to be ready for when He also calls us home.

Life is a continuing uncertainty, and the future is only an uncertain prediction. On the bus, plane or restaurant, you have no assurance that you won’t be the victim of a kamikaze.

“You’re only a man in an entangled city, in a country that is a dot on a map, on a planet that is a ping-pong ball in the Milky Way, which is a side street compared to other galaxies.”

In times like these, I realize it’s not so important when you die, it’s just a matter of time, but how you live.

~ Warrior of Light ~