Here we have an image of my dream desk. Yes, I do love all Apple products, huge fan here, but it’s not only because of that.

You see, if you’re also a blogger, writer or just work at a desk all day then you know what I mean when I say our “surroundings” matter big time when it comes to sitting at a desk often. If it’s a comfy, or design-ish spot that you love, it will make a huge difference in your work.

Few months ago I started an interior design blog and it might have been “a hit” but I quit not long after that and deleted it. Now, it’s not because I can’t be committed to what I start. Warrior of Light has two years and I don’t even think about stopping here, this blog is for the long run, my friends. Why I quit my design blog is because – I’m very committed to what I do. If I also happen to love what I do then that messes up my whole schedule.

This year I’m a senior, which might mean “realx” and “take it slow” or “figure out what you want” in America, but in Romania, especially for me, is a very busy year and I can’t afford goofing around, even though I do admit, I waste precious time often.

I have to learn, study, and when I’m not doing that I either pick up my phone, text few of my friends, play a game to relax or WRITE for this blog.

Since I’m no employee, and don’t get paid to do anything of which I’m doing, I do happen to sit at a desk all day long. For 6 hours at school and then the rest of the day at home, studying. You can’t change much at your school desk, maybe just add a little cactus and jar full of pens, but at home – it can be you’re own little getaway. Even if it means you continue with your own tiring work you get pain for every month.

I most definitely am no designer, even though I thought about becoming one for a while, but Pinterest is full of amazing inspiring ideas on how to make your desk look dreamy. Probably like one of those desks you see at IKEA for advertisement.

You don’t have to buy everything you see on there, some stuff can be made out of random objects you find around the house, DIY people. Get creative.

Decorate your desk, it’ll decorate your life.

That sounded like a Disney quote. Anyhow, we are coming to you next with a book review, so stayed tuned and pay us a little free visit to find out what mysterious book we will unleash next.

We’ll give you a hint: not only it is based on a true story, but the book was bought all the way from Dubai and holds secrets of Saudi Arabia. A royal Saudi woman opens the door to give readers an unvarnished look inside a closed society.

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