In the course of my lifetime I’ve owned a number of approximately 10 phones. First ever iPhone was an iPhone 4S which of course was the best phone I had until my ultimate one, 3 months ago, a brand new iPhone 6.

iphone-6-cameraMy experience with iPhone 6 has been a – love at first sight experience. Immediately fell in love with its design. Color: Space Grey. Theme: thin and light. Experienced NO BENDING so far, at all, despite its thinness and rumors. Dropped it twice, didn’t brake or crack (even though it hit metal on its first drop).

Favorite thing about the phone is the body’s seamless feel. If you start your finger on the screen and drag it all the way around to the back of the phone, you won’t encounter any seems, its just one smooth surface. Although many people have mentioned in some of their reviews that due to its smoothness iPhone 6 tends to be very slippery, personally, I haven’t experienced any slippery problems. The few times I dropped my phone was mainly because I wasn’t paying attention and rest it on my armchair that led to a fall.

Of course, there is however an answer for all our problems so if you do find yourself in a slippery situation with your phone whether its an iPhone 6, 6+ or 6S, 6S+ the best and quickest solution is to: buy a case.

The case I bought is designed by Devia for 6 & 6S. Made from premium material. Slim-fit design with easy access to all ports. Various colors for choices, mine is crystal clear. Thickness: 0.5 mm.


The build of this phone is definitely awesome. It is a bit bigger than the last iPhone, but its a much better size now. Only takes a few minutes to get used to it before you look back at the iPhone 5S or your previous iPhone (mine being 4S, massive difference) and it will start to look like a toy.

Positive things I loved and experienced with my iPhone 6 so far:

  • Battery life definitely improved. (I use it almost all day for a few good hours). It lasts about a day with only one quick 50 minute charge.
  • The thinness and lightness of it offer an incredibly comfortable holding experience.
  • Apps works VERY FAST.
  • Camera is extremely good compared to an iPhone 4S camera. (Photo testing took place between the two phones).
  • Bigger screen offers an amazing experience is you enjoy watching YouTube videos on your phone.
  • Lock button on the right side makes its usage way easier.
  • Its design and color make your phone look like the fanciest phone you’ve ever had.

Negative things about the phone I happen to dislike:

  • Back camera lens stick out a bit, I don’t have a problem with the  fact that it rocks a bit when put on a flat surface (fixed by case), what bothers me is that, because it sticks out, your camera will be the most likely part of your phone to get scratched  whenever its placed on a desk.
  • I have very long fingers, pianist fingers in fact, but because of its large screen sometimes I HAVE TO use both hands to reach the search bar at the top of the screen.

Other than that, I’d say its flawless. So far I’ve had an amazing experience with iPhone 6 and definitely my favorite phone of all time. If you can’t decided on buying one or not, my advice is buy it if your budget allows you to, you won’t regret your choice. Top quality phone.

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