This isn’t a story. It is actually a real life event. An event I lived through.

Throwback to when I was in my last year of middle school, 4 years ago, just few months away from my finals, excited for high school life.

One of our teachers that was suppose to teach “English literature”, let’s say, got changed. Instead, a young woman, in her early 30ies, short, brown wavy hair with brown eyes walked into our classroom one day. Her voice was calming and soft. She brought along an unbelievable peace with her and was extremely pleasant to listen to. Only, I was the only one in my class that thought so.

My classmates took advantage of her calm and peaceful personality and never once listened in any way, they never paid attention, made fun of her in multiple ways including doing such rude things as throwing objects at her when she wasn’t looking.

These might seems like exagerations. Believe me, I wish they were. I was there to witness the whole thing. It never was a nightmare, just one me and my teacher had to bare for a few hours a week.

Feeling extremely bad for her, I felt the desire to go and apologize on behalf of my class, even though none were sorry or even planning to stop they’re unbelievably rude behavior. So I picked up our sponge (pretending I was going to the restroom to add some water on it for cleaning our blackboard), while I was chasing her down on the hallway she beat me to it and was far more faster than I was. My heart was crushed for this lady. If only she knew…

It was extremely difficult to find peace that day or even focus on homework. I could only imagine the hardships she was going through. Remembering I found her a while back on social media, whilst gathering all my courage, I decided to write to her what I was going to say in person (I know you might not be allowed to contact your teachers on social media, I live in a country that doesn’t mind that & I had good intentions).

After introducing myself, mentioning the class and school I belong to, I started apologizing on behalf of my class and told her how sorry I was for all the hardships my classmates were putting her through.

To my amazement, few hours later, SHE REPLIED. Not only did she seem happy and grateful for what I did but she started focusing on me in class seeing I was interested and called me outside to have a word with me that following week.

What she said blew my mind.

“Thank you so much for all that you have done, but you didn’t have to. You are a wonderful and well-behaved student. No other student has ever done something like that for me before. I would like to repay you by tutoring you for free at my house weekly for your exams (since it’s very difficult to pay attention in class due to your classmates behavior). Would you be interested?”

She did tutor me, and I A’ced my exam and got into the high school I wanted. Neither have I, nor my teacher forgotten our mutual kind gestures. We still write from time to time on birthdays, Christmas and New Years. We remained friends. Even after middle school was finished she always asked my mother about me, how I was doing, and made sure I knew she was ready to help me at any time I needed help for that class.

The teacher quit school after that year, refused to teach since then. That was her last year as a teacher. Teaching didn’t suit her and the lifestyle she wanted, but one student made that last year memorable in a positive way, that student… was me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I’d like to reassure you one more time that every word of it was true. It was and still is a life lesson for me. The simplicity of a kind gesture can turn your whole life around and someone else’s into ways you both never imagined. Never avoid doing good for people.

Highlight is on the importance of a kind gesture, not my actions.

Teo, Warrior of Light